Smart Cat Visits The Store To Ask People To Buy Him Treats

smart cat visits store order treats

Tania Sants, from Mexico, was passing a store near her to her house, when she came across a white cat staring at her from the platform of the store. He was sitting alone, but it seemed like he was there for a purpose.

After studying the case, Tania realized that the intelligent cat had chosen this place with a very specific goal in mind.

After petting the cat, Tania was surprised when he began to direct her towards the store, to enter it.

Cat visits a store to ask for treats

Smart cat asks for food

As they walked through the aisles of the store, the cat blocked her path and directed her to a special section. To her surprise, he took her to where the cat treats are, of course she bought him some.

On Tania’s next visit to the store, she looked for the cat, but it was not outside of her, this time, the cat was waiting for her inside the store, in the section that he liked the most.

Smart cat asks for treats

Talking with the store employees, Tania learned that he goes every day, trying to convince people to buy him candy. After achieving the main objective, the cat leaves, but nobody knows where he is going, his fate is a mystery.

Tania was determined to find out if the cat had a home, or if he was a little animal that struggled to survive on the streets.

On the next visit to the store, Tania decided to film the action of the cat when he leads her to the treats.

Smart cat asking for treats

After buying what he wanted, she decided to follow the cat silently, to find out where he lived. Finally, she Tania could observe how he settled in an empty place out of the way, he was a homeless cat.

That night, moved by what she had seen, she Tania decided to offer her something better than just treats, she picked up the cat to provide a home full of love.

Tania told The Dodo:

I took him home and adopted him.

Smart cat with Tania

No one knows how long the cat had been on the streets, but it must have been very difficult times for him. He could see that he was dirty, his fur was tangled and he had lost his tail somehow, luckily he had found a family.

Tania has been in constant communication with the store employees in case a potential cat owner shows up.

She said:

They told me that no one had come looking for him. They thanked me for taking him home.

Before leaving the store, her Tania did some shopping, candy of course, this time, without anyone asking her.

Tania said:

I bought him a lot of sweets. You can trust that I always will.

Now the cat is happy with his new home and his new family, including Tania and a cat brother.

Images: Facebook / Tania Sants

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