This Sneaky Cat Tried To Escape So Many Times The Family Had To Put Up A Sign

sneaky cat escape put sign

Hubert, an 8-year-old cat, was adopted from a local shelter by his family a few months ago. He has a great personality that they fell in love with immediately.

Laci Reamer, Hubert’s mother, told The Dodo:

“We still describe his personality as a grumpy old man who secretly loves and needs attention.”

Hubert immediately settled into his new home and they could tell from the start that he was absolutely obsessed with getting out.

A sneaky cat tries to escape and the family put up a sign

sneaky cat escape put sign

Although the shelter says Hubert has always been an indoor cat, he seems to have an intense fascination with the outdoors, and although he’s loving his new life with his family so much, that hasn’t stopped him from trying to sneak in and play, every chance he gets.

According to Laci, Hubert tries to escape every day. He even managed to escape once.

“We didn’t know that until he started walking on the sidewalk! How can you lose a 31 pound cat escaping by his paws at the door? Yes, you read that right! He weighs 31 lbs. He’s tough, but brave (he’s on a diet).”

sneaky cat escape put sign

Every time someone new came to the door, Hubert tried to convince them that he was allowed out, and eventually his family had to put up a sign.

Laci said:

“We did the sign because he’s really going to give anyone that look with those big eyes like, ‘Please help me. I’ve got things to see and do there. “If you open that door, I’ll slip right in next to you. He’s really good at begging, so we wanted people to notice that. We live on a busy street and we don’t want you getting hurt!”

So far, the panel has done wonders to keep Hubert safe inside.

sneaky cat escape put sign

Laci said:

“We got a lot of comments about it. The UPS driver even knocked on our door to tell us how much he liked it and it made him laugh.”

sneaky cat escape put sign

The sign says:

“Please don’t let the cat out. No matter what he tells you. (The cat is a liar. He is not an outdoorsman.”

Thanks to the sign, Hubert’s escape plans no longer succeed, but to help him in his intense love of going out, his family has a fun surprise in store for him that will allow him to explore in a much more supervised way.

sneaky cat escape put sign

“We just ordered him a harness and leash to start his great outdoor adventures. Fingers crossed he’ll be fine!”

Images: Laci Reamer

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