Snoop Dogg Gives Home To ‘Snoop’ The Abandoned Puppy Just Before Christmas

snoop dogg home dog christmas

Snoop is a cute little dog who has been abandoned in the middle of a road by the person he loves most in the world. He is now in the care of an animal rescue organization, and hundreds of adoption requests have surfaced, including that of famous rapper Snoop Dogg.

A video was released a few days ago in which a man is seen abandoning his Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog beside his bed in the middle of a road in Stoke-on-Trent, UK. These heartbreaking images have touched the hearts of thousands including rapper Snoop Dogg, who offered to help the little dog named “Snoop” in his honor.

Snoop Dogg said in an interview with the Daily Star the following:

There will always be a place for another dog at Snoop’s House. If he really needs a home, he has one with us, but I don’t think there is a lack of homes to love him with all the exposure he’s had.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) has received hundreds of adoption requests for Snoop, but his rescuers are not only interested in offering him a new family, but also in reuniting the person (s). responsible for its abandonment. . to respond to justice.

An RSPCA spokesperson said:

Snoop is adorable and loves being around people and getting along with other dogs. He enjoys getting close to people, sitting between their legs and being pampered, and he certainly appreciates the love and affection of our staff.

Snoop Dogg gives home to abandoned puppy before Christmas


We are overwhelmed by the hundreds of messages of support for Snoop and everyone who has volunteered to provide a home for him, including familiar faces like rapper Snoop Dogg, comedian Sue Perkins and journalist Andrew Neil.

While Snoop experienced a horrific situation due to the cruelty of his previous family, it turns out to be a great relief from all the support he has received since the news broke.

He is not yet ready to be adopted, but he will be soon and his rescuers will take care of making known who will be the happy family of which he will be part so that everyone is serene about their future.

Images: RSPCA / PA Wire

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