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The snowshoe is a medium-sized cat, which combines the strong corpulence of the short-haired American cat – American Shorthair – with the nimble elegance of the Siamese cat. The head describes a rounded triangle, the eyes are big and inclined and the ears are very separated and long and pointed.

Snowshoe cat
Snowshoe is a young cat breed born in the USA

The body is long and sporty. The coat is short and shiny, with the mask, ears, legs and tail much darker than the rest of the body. The snowshoe can have varieties of blue, dark brown, lilac and chocolate. The white parts cover less than a third of the cat. All snowshoe cats have deep blue eyes.


The name snowshoe is due to the white claws characteristic of this breed. The snowshoe is an American breed derived from the cross between Siamese shorthair cats and short-haired American cats in the 1960s. This breed of cat shows the distal marks of the Siamese combined with white and white marbled claws.

Snowshoe kittens are born completely white and begin to show their colors and tasks only weeks later. There are not two kittens with the same spots. This breed is increasing throughout the United States. But still little known in other places.

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Snowshoe cat
Snowshoe cat

Physical characteristics of the Snowshoe cat

Halfway between a Siamese and an American shorthair, snowshoe cats exhibit a number of characteristics inherited from these two pioneer breeds. From the Siamese it inherits its gaze from an unmistakable and penetrating blue, in addition to a long and stylized body, with a face the same triangular shape as that of the Siamese. On the shorthair side, this cat receives a muscular complexion and its characteristic white socks.

Snowshoe are medium-sized cats whose weight usually ranges between 3 and 5 kilograms, and as is common, females are somewhat lighter than males. Its body is athletic and proportionate, ending in a tail that is wider at the base than at the tip, which is rounded. The legs are relatively wide and end in rounded feet and are always white, contrasting with the rest of the leg.

Its neck is erect, graceful and elegant looking. The Snowshoe’s face is triangular and firm-chin, with an inverted “V” white spot. Its eyes are icy blue, like Siamese’s, oval in shape and large. The ears are medium or large and broad-based.

The coat of snowshoe cats is dense and short, its appearance is satin and it has no woolly coat. The most accepted colors are solid points and tabby points, which must have defined marks in accordance with the color of the body. They must always have those feet and that “V” as a white mask, as it is the most important thing in the standard of this breed

Snowshoe cat
Snowshoe cat

Snowshoe cat behavior and personality

It is a very energetic breed, which meows a lot to demand different things from its owners. And it is that from the Siamese inherits a meow somewhat annoying for those who accompany her. Even so, the Snowshoe is a very intelligent, demanding, affectionate and sociable feline, as well as peaceful and calm in equal parts.

It needs the attention of the human being, frequently requiring to play with different utensils that will awaken his attention and concern. In addition, males are characterized by being very territorial and possessive.

The Snowshoe cat breed is the perfect companion choice for young children and other pets, making them the ideal addition to a family home.

This is a smart cat who likes to be with people. It is communicative, but more discreet than the Siamese, emitting soft and melodious sounds. It asks for company; so, if you are going to spend all day somewhere else, you should consider having two littermates.

Snowshoe cats are playful and can learn to bring objects; They need toys and games to entertain themselves. Snowshoe cats also like water, especially running water, although they also swim sometimes. They are very active, love to perch and feel a predilection for high places.


No common hereditary problem has been identified in the Snowshoe cats breed; However, this cat is not common outside the United States.

Like all cats, snowshoe need vaccination for disease protection, as well as periodic pest control and annual veterinary checks.

Snowshoe cat
Snowshoe cat


The snowshoe like every cat, is unique and has its own needs in terms of food.

However, cats are carnivores and each cat must get 41 different specific nutrients in their food. The proportion of these nutrients will vary according to age, lifestyle and overall health.

It is therefore expected that a growing energetic kitten will need a different nutrient balance than a less active older cat.

It is necessary to pay attention to the amount of food necessary to maintain an ideal physical condition according to the guidelines for food and individual preferences with regard to the type of food (wet or dry).

Snowshoe cat
Snowshoe cat

Basic care of the Snowshoe Cat

The snowshoe does not require special care, even if this cat appreciates the attention that this implies.

The peculiarity of this breed also encompasses that it does not require specific care: a weekly brushing may be enough to keep its coat in optimal conditions, and a monthly bath with specific gel for the care of short hair, and this will look good.

As for its diet, it is convenient that you adapt it to its size conditions, with animal proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables, in addition to providing vitamin supplements recommended by the vet.

Its exercise is also essential to maintain the slender figure that defines it from its origin, in addition to its intelligence giving it an important capacity to acquire the habits desired by its owners.

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