When their son was born, they entrusted the cat to the shelter. A few years later, he found them again

son born entrusted cat shelter
Denise Whitlock

Typically, children become quickly attached to animals, especially those they grow up with. This is exactly what happened to this little girl and her cat named Felix. Unfortunately, when her younger brother was born, her parents made a difficult decision, which she accepted with difficulty. However, after a few years, something extraordinary happened.

They had no choice but to return the cat

From birth, Sienna grew up with a red and white cat named Felix. The car was his best friend. He patiently endured all the girl’s games and even let her dress herself. The two were inseparable and his parents were well aware of this as well.

Unfortunately, things got complicated when their second child was born. Sienna’s brother had serious health problems. Then the girl’s parents made a very difficult decision, which she could not accept for a long time. They came to the conclusion that the cat could no longer stay with them. No one could count the number of tears a little girl shed during that time.

son born entrusted cat shelter
Denise Whitlock

She had to say goodbye to her friend. The cat went to the shelter

Sienna was disappointed to no longer spend her life with her cat friend, but she knew it was for her little brother’s sake. Her parents convinced her that the cat would definitely find a wonderful family who would provide her with all the best.

As they said goodbye, no one could hold back their tears. Five years after this sad event, the girl was still sad that she could not have a pet at home. She managed to convince her grandmother, who loves animals as much as she does, to adopt the cat so she could spend time with the animal at her home.

She couldn’t believe what she saw. It was Felix!

Sienna and her grandmother began looking through advertisements in which foundations showed cats looking for homes. When they saw one, they couldn’t believe it. It turned out that Felix was still looking for a home. The girl immediately informed her grandparents that he had to come to their house.

They learned from the organization where the cat was staying that it was there because the caretaker at the time was no longer able to care for it. Thanks to this, everyone understood that Felix was simply destined to be by Sienna’s side.

“The first meeting was very sad, when the family handed Felix into our care so that we could find a new loving home. The second was a true miracle when Sienna and Felix got back together! Seeing Félix leave my house with the little girl who had loved him for so long warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes”, says the temporary caregiver who took care of Félix at The Dodo.

son born entrusted cat shelter
Denise Whitlock

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