A Family Designs A Custom Aquarium For Their Cat Who Loves To See Fish

spoiled cat gets own aquarium special window fish

This curious pampered cat receives his very own aquarium with a special window for observing the fishes.

Jasper is an adorable feline who loves to be pampered by his family, and he recently received a fabulous gift that he absolutely adored. Jasper spent hours fascinated by Melissa Krieger’s fish; he could even spend long periods of time staring through the glass of the saltwater aquarium from a chair in the dining room.

Melissa is an animal lover and lives with her husband, two dogs, four cats and their children Adam, Hayden, Abigail and Hannah. When the woman saw her feline’s fascination with fish, she decided to give him a gift that she was sure he would enjoy to the fullest.

With a little ingenuity, Melissa and her husband decided to have a custom-made aquarium made with a special window in the bottom so Jasper could have a 360-degree view of all his fishy friends.

A pampered cat gets its own aquarium with a special window

Pampered cat gets his own aquarium

In the videos that Melissa likes to post on her social media, Jasper can be seen sitting comfortably in the cubical window space to enjoy getting a very close look at the colorful fish inside.

Cat gets her own window aquarium

Sometimes, you can even see it playing with its small legs every time a fish passes very close through the glass.

Jasper’s only downside is that he has to share his window with his feline brother Willow, who also seems to have a great fascination with the aquarium. So they have to take turns whenever someone wants to spend time enjoying the fish.

Jason, who owns Aquatics and Exotics and cleans the tanks in Melissa’s house, was responsible for designing Jasper’s fabulous aquarium.

The man told Metro UK:

Jasper was worried at first, but it’s great to see they love it. I have to chase it away when I clean the tank now.

Kitten enjoys his aquarium

Luckily, the fish inside the aquarium don’t seem to have a problem with the window for Jasper, so the feline takes advantage of his VIP space every day and clearly loves it.

Images: Instagram / jasperthecatfish


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