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St. Bernard Puppies : Rules Of Care And Education

St. Bernard puppy
St. Bernard puppy

Having decided to buy a St. Bernard puppy, the future owner must soberly assess his capabilities. A large dog requires not only financial costs, but also physical strength – after all, you will have to walk with it and sometimes keep it from any unwanted actions. And the St. Bernard dog also want constant communication.

St. Bernard puppy
St. Bernard puppies are very sociable, just like Cane Corso puppies, therefore they are constantly looking for an interesting interlocutor in everyone

You will have a wise family member who is perfectly able to find an approach to children and get along with other pets already available. St. Bernard puppies are very clever, they are not distinguished by expressiveness, but they are able to think over their actions and make their own decisions.

With proper upbringing – without cruelty or pressure – you will have a loyal friend and protector. It is enough to see what the St. Bernard puppies look like, photos with them can be found on the Internet to feel sympathy for these beautiful dogs.

Paying maximum attention to him, constantly communicating with him, you will be able to cause affection and love in St. Bernard for life.

Feeding a St. Bernard Puppies

As in the case of many pups, when a puppy is taken away from its mother, he begins to miss and eat poorly, because his diet has changed. The breeder is obliged to tell about what the animals were fed with in addition to breast milk, and the owner is to provide the usual diet.

In this case, the puppy should be immediately accustomed to a specific feeding place and its own wide bowl, since the head of these dogs is quite massive.

The training should be smooth and not injure the psyche of the dog, because St. Bernards are quite touchy.

How much does a St Bernard dog eat?

St. Bernard puppy
St. Bernard puppies love to chew on a bone, and this is very useful, because the tendons will help the dog’s teeth develop correctly. However, the bone must be large and raw

The frequency of feeding the St. Bernard Puppies

  • From one and a half to two months – six times a day;
  • From two to three months – five times;
  • From three to five months – four times;
  • From five to ten months – three times;
  • From ten months – twice.

At the same time, the daily rate of consumed products increases from one and a half months to ten:

  • Meat – from 150 g to 600 g;
  • Sea ​​fish – from 200 g to 500 g;
  • Porridge – from 80 g to 250 g;
  • Cottage cheese – from 70 g to 400 g;
  • Vegetables (except potatoes) – from 50 g to 200 g.

St. Bernard puppies should receive food that contains mineral supplements and calcium supplements.

If the choice is made in favor of dry food, no additives are needed. However, like all pets, St. Bernard puppies, and then adult dogs, must have fresh water at all times.

St. Bernard puppy
St. Bernard puppies do not tolerate loneliness. Try not to leave them for a long time.

Important! Food with a high protein content is contraindicated for small pets – it can provoke diseases of the skeletal system. An adult food is suitable for them, which contains up to 26% protein and up to 15% fat.

Puppies can be given bones, but only large and raw, so that they cannot chew off a piece and swallow – there is a danger of choking. Tendons will help young puppies’ teeth develop properly.

Tidiness training

For the animal, prepare a spacious and bright place without drafts and on which you cannot accidentally step on.

St. Bernard puppies do not tolerate soft bedding, preferring to sleep simply on the floor. Better take an old rug or a thin blanket made of natural material, sew a pillowcase on them.

This dog is easy to wash, and the thin liner will not become saturated with unpleasant odors. If the puppy fell asleep in the wrong place, he must be taken to his own, preferably without waking him up. And even if the puppy cries for the first nights, you cannot take him to bed. Just sit next to him and pet him so that he falls asleep where it should be.

St. Bernard puppy
St. Bernard puppies are prone to learning and grasp new knowledge on the fly. So it’s easy to teach them commands.

It is necessary to feed St. Bernard puppies only from their own bowl, not from the table, and in a specific place.

He must firmly learn from the very beginning – food is given only here. Then you don’t have to collect pieces and bones around the house.

Also, in order to avoid tick bites, it is worth purchasing a special protective collar. From the first days he must learn – all intimate affairs should be done only on the outside, you cannot go to the toilet in the house. Gradually, the animal will develop the habit of recovering at a certain time, and it will calmly endure until the owner arrives.

Sometimes walking after vaccination is not recommended for all dogs including St. Bernard puppies. So that it does not become habitual for the St. Bernard to recover at home, he should be taken out into the yard to meet his needs and, without allowing contact with yard animals, returned to the house.

St. Bernard puppy
St. Bernard puppies require constant supervision. Since babies are still clumsy, they may need help from their owner.

Vaccinations for St. Bernard puppies

A week before vaccination, the dog should introduce antihelminthic drugs. You can give a baby pyrantel (2 cubes) before the morning feeding, then feed and in an hour add 2 cubes of vaseline oil.

This will help avoid intoxication and quickly remove worms. The next feeding is not earlier than one hour. The procedure is repeated a day later, and a week later the puppy needs to be vaccinated.

First, a comprehensive vaccination against coronavirus and parvovirus enteritis and hepatitis is introduced. At 2.5 months, the puppy is vaccinated against distemper, and when the teeth are completely replaced, a second one (at about 7 months). When the adaptation period after the distemper vaccination ends – this is the age of eight months – the dog is vaccinated against rabies.

St. Bernard puppy
St. Bernard puppies are cheerful and active. The dog will be happy to play with children, getting used to being a nanny. And you encourage him in every possible way for this.

Raising a St. Bernard puppies

It is easy to teach little St. Bernard puppies, they are so smart and quick-witted. Caress and patience will quickly help instill in the puppy the basic rules of behavior, he will also respond with trust and willingness to please the owner.

Do not put the dog on a chain – this way you can lower its self-esteem and drive it into depression.

Puppies should not be left alone for long periods of time – they can become insecure and therefore a little angry. The punishment should only be for a very good reason. In case of minor mistakes, the puppy can simply be chided and calmly show his displeasure.

Important! If you will be away for a long time, take your pet for a good walk, feed and leave toys for him, you can even have a TV at a low volume or a radio – so the puppy will think that he is not alone at home.

St. Bernard puppy
St. Bernard puppies do not tolerate soft bedding, preferring to sleep on the floor

Physical activity for St. Bernard puppies

St. Bernard is a hardy and a physically active dog breed, they are shown long walking and outdoor games like agility. But you shouldn’t be too zealous. Due to their large size, St. Bernards are more suitable for walking or slow running and quiet games.

When St. Bernard puppies are tired enough after a walk and well fed, they can calmly wait for the owner. But he should leave a few toys to keep them busy. Even at home with animals (especially with small ones) you need to play so that their activity is directed in a positive direction, while unobtrusively training and explaining the rules of behavior.

Saint Bernard puppies require great care on contact. They cannot be lifted by the front legs – you can dislocate the joints, and in general it is often not worth dragging them on your hands either. If you need to lift the puppy, support him under the chest and under the buttocks, and lowering back to the floor, make sure that all four legs are on the floor, and only then remove your hands yourself.

St. Bernard puppies can easily damage their ligaments if they jump from a great height that exceeds their height. Running is better for this breed than jumping.

St. Bernard puppy
St. Bernard puppies, like shorthaired pointer puppies, are still swallowed. It is important to ensure that the food that the puppy receives contains mineral supplements and calcium supplements.

Contact with the owner

St. Bernard dogs cannot live without communication. They prefer not just to see, but to constantly be close to the owner. Therefore, do not drive the St. Bernard into place, let him play or lie next to you. On walks, the puppy should feel your presence, keep him constantly in sight.

At home, the St. Bernard will be happy to play with the children, getting used to being a nanny, and you encourage him in every possible way for this. Just do not give goodies all the time, it is quite enough just to pet the dog and praise it to make it pleasant.

For St. Bernard puppies, the price can vary greatly depending on the pedigree. But it is not necessary to purchase a show dog if you just need a friend.

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