10 Steps To A Better Behaved Dog

Better Behaved Dog

How to properly raise a dog and train it in basic commands? – This question is asked by every responsible owner. But before proceeding directly to education and training, it is worth asking yourself one more question: how to explain to the pet that he should obey you and that you are the owner of the house?

The key to any successful upbringing and training is a properly built relationship between the owner and the pet. And if at first glance it seems that there is nothing complicated in this, then in practice the dogs often demonstrate impenetrable stubbornness and stubbornly refuse to obey. The fact is that a dog is a gregarious animal, and it tends to look for a leader in society. Some breeds are happy to give the palm to a person, but others, naturally endowed with an independent and dominant character, can test the owner for a long time, claiming first place without false modesty.

It is very important to timely identify positions and convey to the dog that it is she who should follow you, not you, otherwise you risk raising a wayward pet that will behave as it pleases and traditionally ignore the commands of family members.

Better Behaved Dog

Here are some rules to help you with this!

  1. If you are going anywhere with your dog, always go through the doorway first. Many, including very experienced owners, let their pets go ahead, thereby making a big mistake. In the worldview of dogs, the leader of the pack always goes first, and everyone else just follows him.
  2. Feed your pet only after you have eaten yourself. Sometimes it can be difficult: the dog looks at you with hungry eyes, begs for a treat – and how can you calmly have breakfast here? However, in nature, the leader is always the first to eat, and if you want to maintain leadership over yourself, you will have to learn to ignore the plaintive looks and feed the pet only after your meal.
  3. Always be the winner in any dog ​​game. Of course, we are talking about competitive games. Your pet should always perceive you as stronger and smarter than himself, do not give him reason to doubt it.
  4. The owner should always start and end the game with the dog. Do not succumb to the provocations of an energetic pet, play with him at a strictly allotted time for games to accustom him to your routine.
  5. Always be fair to the dog. It only seems that the pets do not understand us and forgive us all, in fact, dogs can easily assess whether the reprimand was fair and whether the owner overdid it in punishment. If, on reflection, the dog thinks that you were wrong, your image of a just leader in her head will be significantly shaken.
  6. No brute force. Of course, any dog ​​has to be punished from time to time, however, believe me, in most cases the influence of intonation is quite enough, because pets catch it perfectly. For serious misconduct, the dog can be shaken by the scruff of the neck or symbolically slapped on the nose or butt, but under no circumstances can you beat the pet. With these methods, you can achieve from the dog only reciprocal aggression and fear, but not respect. Consequently, there can be no question of any successful upbringing in this case.
  7. Raising a dog should be persistent and confident, but always friendly. Take training and learning seriously, be consistent, reward your pet for achievements and punish faults, but always maintain a respectful and friendly attitude towards your four-legged friend. Do not forget that the leader of the article in the understanding of a dog is one whom she respects and values ​​for strength, nobility and justice.
  8. Teach your dog to follow commands the first time. Focus her attention on training, do not allow distractions, and approach your classes responsibly.
  9. Always give commands clearly and confidently.
  10. And last, perhaps most importantly, love your dog and take care of it, because without proper attention and approval, even the most gifted and talented pet will not be able to reveal its best qualities.


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