The Story Of Nora, The Abused Dog Who Overcame Her Fears Thanks To This Baby


The Spence family is a large family made up of three children, three dogs and three cats whose photos on Instagram are captivating more than 118,000 people because of the precious relationship that children and animals show.

Story Nora Overcame Fears Thanks Baby

But all eyes are being taken by the youngest of the house, Archie, who with only 11 months has managed that Nora, one of the family’s dogs, has finally overcome all her fears and traumas that have accompanied her since her adoption. We tell you the captivating love story between Archie and Nora.

Battered and fearful, Nora began to trust Archie

Nora is a beautiful English pointer dog who was abused by her first owners and abandoned to her fate, until she ran into the Spence couple who decided to adopt her.

When they took her home for the first time, they discovered that Nora had a terrible fear of everything and everyone, and because of the hard life she had led, she did not trust humans and was elusive and elusive.

Little by little, with hard work, tenacity and love, Nora adapted to her new family and gained confidence, until Archie was born, the youngest of the house, for whom Nora has become her best guardian.

The Spence family has been publishing photographs of Nora’s evolution in recent years, and how she has gone from being a fearful dog that barely appeared in family snapshots, to becoming the shadow of little Archie, who is currently 11 months old.

The relationship between Nora and Archie has crossed the screen, and already tens of thousands of people have been captivated by the beautiful images their parents share of the close relationship between the dog and the baby. They take care of each other, they love each other, they complement and protect each other, and they spend all their time together.

The boy’s mother affirms that little Archie is “pure magic” and that he has not only completely changed Nora’s character, but is also influencing her three cats, who abandon their sleep hours to follow him wherever he goes.

Story Nora Overcame Fears Thanks Baby

We share with you a selection of photos where Nora is seen sleeping next to Archie, patiently waiting for the story to finish or sharing games and confidences. It is impossible to keep a single photograph that identifies this special relationship because they are all wonderful!

Their first months together

Story Nora Overcame Fears Thanks Baby

Watching over your dreams

Story Nora Overcame Fears Thanks Baby

The best baby monitor

Story Nora Overcame Fears Thanks Baby

Accompanying you wherever you go

Story Nora Overcame Fears Thanks Baby

Story time!

Story Nora Overcame Fears Thanks Baby

Best Friends

Story Nora Overcame Fears Thanks Baby

Companions of adventures

Story Nora Overcame Fears Thanks Baby


Story Nora Overcame Fears Thanks Baby

Those of us who have animals and love them know how wonderful the relationship between them and children can be. In addition to the fact that growing up with animals has multiple benefits for the health of the little ones, the emotional bond that is established between them can be truly amazing.

The little ones learn to love and respect nature thanks to their pets, whom they protect and care for. In exchange for that selfless love, animals offer us their company and fidelity, and sometimes they also become an excellent therapy for sick children or children with autism.

Because whoever gives love receives love, and children and animals are the best example of it.

Photos: Instagram