What is the story of “Venice”, a crying kitten tied to a palm tree on the beach of a seaside resort?

story Venice kitten tied palm tree

“She desperately wanted someone to notice her.”

Kimberlee Rose was longboarding on Venice Beach with a friend when she suddenly heard a small meow coming from a nearby palm tree. When I got closer to where the sound was coming from, I saw a kitten stuck on a tree and unable to move.

“The cat desperately wanted someone to notice her. “The cat was screaming in pain and looking in our direction. “When I saw the cat not moving even though he wanted to come towards us, at first I thought it was because he was shy, but then I realized he was actually tied there and couldn’t move,” he said.

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The kitten was tied so tightly to a palm tree with a very short leash that he could barely move. The cat seemed so grateful that someone had finally heard his plaintive cries for help, and Rose and her friend immediately freed the cat from the tree. At first the cat was a little nervous, but he quickly relaxed when he realized he was safe.

Kimberly Rose said: “The cat seemed scared, but seemed relieved to have help. » “It was very cold, so when he seemed to have calmed down a bit, I wrapped him in the jacket I was wearing and he fell asleep straight away. “We had to go back to Santa Monica with our longboards and I slept soundly in my jacket the whole way back.”

story Venice kitten tied palm tree
Kimberlee Rose

It was too late at night to take him to the vet or buy pet supplies, so we stopped at 7-Eleven to get him some wet food and a makeshift litter box. Mr. Rose named the kitten Venice after the place he was found and decided to become his family for the rest of his life.

Venice no longer needs to tie herself to a tree and cry and spends happy days with her beloved family. Venice says she is very grateful to her mother who saved her. That night, thanks to Rose and her friend who did not ignore Venice’s cries and helped her, Venice was able to live a happy life.

story Venice kitten tied palm tree
Kimberlee Rose

“I fell in love with Venice very quickly,” Mr. Rose said. “I didn’t realize how much I needed Venice in my life. “The pieces of the puzzle of my life lost in Venice are finally reunited! »

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