Cat With Strabismus Found Malnourished Now Has A Loving Home And Enjoys Life

strabismus kitten rescued home full of love

A sweet tabby cat with a strabismus was rescued from the streets just in time and is now enjoying a happy life in her new home.

Many animals with physical defects or health problems teach people to accept themselves as they are and have a very happy life, as does ‘Crazy Eyes Olive’, a cat with strabismus who, despite his condition, leads a life like any other cat.

The eyes are controlled by small muscles that allow us to move them side to side or up and down simultaneously. If for some reason one of these muscles fails, the eyes don’t line up when looking at an object, and the popular “crossed eyes” form, medically known as strabismus.

However, although Crazy Eyes Olive has a unique physical appearance, she has learned to live with this condition and sees the world perfectly.

Cat with strabismus has a happy life

Crazy Eyes Olive cat

Before adopting Olive, Michelle looked everywhere for a cat to adopt, but couldn’t find the right one. Because of this, a friend put her in touch with Almost Home Animal Rescue, an animal shelter in Long Island, New York.

Strabismus kitten at home

Shelter volunteers had been doing various services in the community, when they came across Olive on the street, she was malnourished and dirty. When she was caught, a shelter volunteer, Barbara, decided to take her home to give her the attention and care needed for her speedy recovery.

lovable Crazy Eyes Olive

Michelle heard about this story and wanted to visit the cat to meet him, and when she saw him, she immediately fell in love.

Michelle told Bored Panda:

I visited her several times a week until she was ready to come home with me. I am so grateful to Barbara and Almost Home, they saved her life!

Crazy Eyes Olive

Olive is very reserved and looks nothing like a typical cat, she is shy but when she gains confidence she shows her true personality.

Michele added:

She loves to climb into blankets for long naps and her favorite toy is a black tie.

cat with strabismus

Because she was found on the street, it is not possible to determine whether Olive was born with the disease or if she developed it at a young age. But it seems that she has had it for a long time, because Olive has adapted very well to her condition and it does not affect her at all.

cat with strabismus climbing

Michael commented:

She can play and run like a normal cat, although she looks a little different!

Linda Olive

Unfortunately, Olive also suffers from a few neurological problems, so she sometimes suffers from seizures, but thanks to the medication, these episodes have been brought under control.

Olive’s life is not always easy, but she is a strong cat who fights against all adversities to have a normal life. Plus, with Michelle’s help and the abundant love she gives him, he has the support he needs to overcome any obstacle.

Crazy Eyes Olivewith a squint

Michelle thinks everyone needs to be reminded that there are many pets with special needs who need loving forever homes. She thinks that even though Olive and other animals have disabilities, that doesn’t mean they deserve less love or should have fewer opportunities.

Crazy Eyes Olive looking out window

Michele said:

Adoption is a wonderful thing, and so is supporting shelters like Almost Home who dedicate their lives to helping animals in need.

Crazy Eyes Oliveposing

Apparently, a lot of people agree with her thinking, and on Olive’s social media, the medium through which she delivers the message, they let her know.

Olive has become popular on Instagram and already has over 174,000 followers who shower her with praise and very positive comments.

rescued Crazy Eyes Olive

People have learned to love her regardless of her physical condition, and Michelle takes the opportunity to leave a message.

He insists that many animals like Olive are waiting for the chance to turn their lives around by finding the perfect forever family. And he adds that we must support local shelters by making various donations, but above all, support adoption.

Images: Instagram / crazy_eyes_olive


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