Strange noises were coming from her husband’s office. She couldn’t believe what she caught him doing with the dog

Strange noises husband office dog
@Jen Couture

Returning from work, a woman heard disturbing noises coming from her husband’s office. When she glanced into the room to see what was happening, she couldn’t believe her eyes. The man and the dog were engaged in an unusual activity. It absorbed them so much that they didn’t even realize they were being watched.

He has 6 dogs. One is very different from the others

Jen has six dogs. Five of them are Siberian huskies, while the sixth and youngest is a pit bull named Lady. The woman decided to adopt the dog when she was only 9 weeks old. She was born in a shelter. However, even though her beginnings were very difficult, she became a gentle and sociable dog.

A few years ago, Jen started dating the man who is now her husband. She was convinced that her life partner fully accepted each of her pets. However, for the longest time, she didn’t realize what she was doing with them when she wasn’t home. She discovered it by chance.

Her husband and dog hid in the office. They had a good reason for that

One day, when Jane came home from work, she heard strange noises coming from her husband’s office. She was also worried that Lady hadn’t come to greet her. The woman decides to discreetly look into the room where the noises were coming from. Then she saw a scene that took her breath away.

Her husband sang a romantic song, while her beloved dog snuggled up to the man, happily listening to his serenade. Jane knew Lady was her partner’s favorite, but she didn’t think she was the recipient of such romantic gestures.

Strange noises husband office dog
@Jen Couture

The pit bull was in heaven

Jane was very touched by her husband’s behavior. She knew she could safely entrust him with the care of her pets, but she didn’t think her partner would give them so much attention. And in such an emotional way!

Pit bull didn’t have an easy life at first. However, thanks to Jane’s decision to give him everything he needs, he can now enjoy the gestures that many women dream of every day. Lady’s guardian admits that the first months of their life together were a big challenge. The pit bull had to be accepted by five huskies, a breed known for its great temperament. Fortunately, over time, all the dogs began to get along perfectly, making their life together a dream romance.

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