Stray Cat Asks To Be Let In So She Can Have Her Kittens

stray cat asks let in have kittens

A cute stray cat, who was walking around a backyard, sought help from the person who fed her to have her babies.

A stray cat named Salami befriended a resident cat from a neighboring house, so when she needed help, she just thought that she could be safe there. Ida Floreak, a painter who lives in New Orleans, Louisiana (United States), began to observe that a black cat appeared frequently in her backyard.

The lonely feline, she wandered around her house, until one day she saw Bruce, Ida’s pet, and felt a special connection.

Apparently, Salami really liked Ida’s cat, although she was very shy around humans; she was eager to be friends with Bruce.

Stray cat finds help to have her kittens

Salami and Bruce

Ida told The Dodo:

She came and liked it very much. They smelled each other; she was more interested in him than he was in her. It was definitely clear that she was coming to see him, which was sweet.

After meeting Salami, Ida began to leave food outside her house, so that she could feed herself whenever she went to visit them.

Salami eating

Before long, the little panther appeared every morning meowing at the front door, eager for free food and for Bruce. The initial plan was to gain Salami’s trust, then take her to the vet to get checked out, and hopefully find her a home.

But, as the days passed, Ida began to notice that Salami’s belly was growing more than normal, and she realized that she was pregnant.

stray cat

Ida said:

My initial goal was to be able to take her to be checked and vaccinated. But, before she felt confident enough for that, I realized she was pregnant.

It was obvious that Salami would need a place to have her babies; she was still very shy, but little by little she was giving in.

Ida continued to feed salami every day as her pregnancy progressed; Salami felt more confident and got closer to her, even allowing herself to be stroked and brushed.

stray cat gives birth

One morning, Ida awoke in fright to a crying cat outside her home. When she went to investigate, it was Salami, who was meowing louder than usual at the door, as if she was urgently asking to be let in.

Kittens safe

Opening the door, Salami rushed in and found a comfortable place for her, hours later, she went into labor.

The woman was surprised by the event, but happy that Salami had chosen her house to have her babies. She quickly built a makeshift nest in a comfortable place in her house and covered it with blankets, so that Salami would be more comfortable.

stray cat help

Ida said:

She came at 5, she was screaming insistently that she seemed out of place. So, I let her in and she started having her babies around 8 or 9 in the morning. She surprised me because I thought that when she had them, she would not see her for a couple of weeks.

Salami gave birth to two beautiful kittens, everyone was happy and assumed that her delivery had ended successfully, but hours later while Ida was on a video call with friends, Salami gave birth to two more kittens.

Cat with her babies

Ida said:

She was super nervous because she had never seen or done anything like this before. But it was clear that she knew exactly what to do. It was a really intense experience.

After a long day, Salami finally had her litter of four babies curled up next to her, waiting to be breastfed. Her loving mother was completely devoted to her little kittens, keeping them well fed, clean throughout the day and constantly smothering them with love.

stray cat

With New Orleans in quarantine, Salami and her babies received exclusive and special attention from Ida for a couple of months. The little babies grew by leaps and bounds, and in no time, they became playful and boisterous kittens, wandering around the house.

Cat and her kittens

When they were old enough, Ida gave up the four little ones for adoption; she made sure they stayed in good homes and she stayed with Salami.

She fell in love with her tender mom, and after everything they’d been through together, the only option left for her was to provide him with a forever home.

Salami and Babies

Salami has adapted very well to her new life; she is the lady of the house and also has a crush on Bruce.

Luckily for Salami, she will no longer spend time on the street and she will not have unwanted pregnancies, now, she only has to enjoy her days with her family, who loves her.

Kittens rescued

Salami made a good decision looking for Ida’s house when she needed help to have her cute babies.

Images : Instagram / idafloreak

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