Stray Cat Siblings Refuse To Stop Cuddling To Be Adopted Together

stray cat brothers refuse letting hug adopted together

Simón and Sebastián are two charming cats who have always been very close. They never went anywhere if the other wasn’t there, and it was like that for everything, whether it was to play or to eat. The two cats hoped to find a forever home where they could stay together.

And so it was that one day, when the opportunity presented itself, the two cats made it clear to her that they did not want to let her escape, but that they had only one condition, to stay. together.

Colleen Green told The Dodo:

My best friend bought a new house, and the first week they moved in, a stray cat came onto her porch and had kittens. [My sister] took them in and made plans to find a home for each of them. I went to visit, and there I met the little fluffy orange cat named Simon, who had so much courage.

Cat brothers refuse to stop cuddling to be adopted together

Stray Cat Siblings Find Home Together

Colleen’s initial idea was to rescue and adopt a cat, but these cunning felines had their own plan in the works.

The woman remembers:

I was going to visit Simon and when I picked him up, the shy, fluffy black guy started jumping into my arms with Simon. They kissed and looked at me with so much love. If I said something thing, they moved their little heads in unison as if they were one.

Cat brothers won't stop hugging each other

The kittens already had this set routine, and whenever Colleen stopped to see the orange cat, her brother immediately joined in the fun.

She counts :

I told them, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t take you two. Yeah, it worked out.

cat brothers

After seeing the felines united and still wanting to stay together, the woman gave up and brought the two cats home. Now Colleen can’t imagine having just one of the kittens with her at this time. The wandering elders were so close they didn’t even spend a night apart.

Colleen recalls:

They were so connected. I described them as night and day, complete opposites, but they needed each other to be complete. When I spayed them the vet told me they complained so much they had to break protocol and put them in the same cage to recover. They were a really special couple. [Loving them] was a very easy thing to do.

Stray cat siblings refuse to stop cuddling

Simón and Sebastián shared a long, comfortable and happy life with their adoptive mother. The two cats hugged every day and were very happy to have a safe home together.

They were so happy and united that when they crossed the Rainbow Bridge, they practically did it together.

Finally, Colleen added:

When we lost Simón at the age of 16, I knew that Sebastián would not let his brother go without him. He died less than a month later. I know that wherever they are, they stick together.

Images: Colleen Green

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