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A stray cat finds the house of its benefactor and “tells” it to some of its friends (video)

Recently, a cat lover met an adorable white cat she named White. He is used to feeding her where she meets him and not in front of his house.

One day, he was surprised to hear a familiar meow while he was at home. Under his window stood the same white cat. No doubt he had followed her in secret after one of her generous feedings.

Of course, White was treated to some good food that day, as usual. The cat then returned to get his daily ration, but this time he was not alone. White was actually accompanied by 3 other equally hungry cats.

@planetcat.club Honestly, it scares me.🥹🥹 #straycat #wildkitten #poorcat #homelesscat #helpcats ♬ Babel – Gustavo Bravetti

He obviously wanted to show his friends how nice she was, and he knew she would treat them as well as she treated him. White’s 3 friends did not leave empty stomachs. Given the quality of the welcome, they will certainly want to visit their benefactor again.

In another video shared the next day, they are seen standing in line, remaining disciplined and calm, each patiently waiting for their turn to receive their share of food.

@planetcat.club The stray cat I feed brought a bunch of friends to my house.😂😂 They were quite obedient and waited in line for their food in a very orderly manner🥰 #straycat #wildkitten #helpcats #protectcats #catsfriends #funny ♬ Comedy Scenes – Comical, stupid, silly, loose, comical, farce(1295330) – Ponetto

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