A stray cat gathers his courage. He waits at the stranger’s door until he gets what he asked for

stray cat gathers courage waits stranger door

Many needy animals are unable to ask a human for help. No wonder, a large number of abandoned quadrupeds are suffering because of humans and there is no reason to believe that anyone representing our species will reach out to them. Fortunately, the hero of this story after some time became convinced that it is worth giving people a second chance. After many weeks of shy encounters, a cat named Teddy decides to cross the threshold of the house of a woman who had been trying to gain his trust for many days. Thanks to this, the quadruped has realized what has always been his biggest dream.

There was a homeless man in the neighborhood. He was very suspicious

Winter is an extremely dangerous time for homeless animals. Just before the arrival of this season, a gray tomcat appeared in one of the estates with single-family homes. One day, the quadruped decides to hide in one of the huts built by St├ęphanie, one of the residents, passionate about animals, including strays.

Stephanie, out of the roof above her head, decided to provide the tomcat with a full bowl. As she realized that the animal regularly returned to the same stand, she brought food there. This is how a special bond began to build. The homeless cat allowed himself more and more over time. He even started showing up on his nanny’s porch.

stray cat gathers courage waits stranger door
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The woman was trying to find the cat’s owner, who decided to use one of the cabins created for stray animals. Unfortunately, no one was looking for a brindle dog. She knew she should help him through the winter. The most difficult time was approaching.

Teddy believed people could be his friends

Stephanie has decided to gain the tomcat’s trust at all costs. She named him Teddy. Every day she brought him food, giving him further proof that he had nothing to fear. The tomcat became more and more daring towards his feeder every day.

As winter started to give Teddy a hard time, Stephanie decided it was time to bring him home. She knew she couldn’t force anything. The decision to enter the threshold must rest with the tomcat.

During mealtime, Teddy waited on the porch as usual. But this time, Stephanie didn’t bring him a full bowl outside. She decided to open the front door wide to encourage the cat to enter.

The quadruped had clearly mixed feelings. He wasn’t sure that was a good idea. Luckily, it turned out that Teddy trusted Stephanie enough to come in. From that moment on, the coming winter was no longer his problem.

stray cat gathers courage waits stranger door
Facebook.com / Rescuechatonsmontreal

He is a cat that will be a great friend of the family

Teddy isn’t the only cat to live with Stephanie. Therefore, the woman locked him in a room for the first few days, so that he had time to familiarize himself with the new environment and the smells.

It turned out that the tabby tom found himself perfectly in the new reality. He gets along well with other animals and appreciates the attention given to him. Each joint caress ends with a charming purring session. He also enjoys a huge appetite.

Teddy is a cute and young kitten. He is about three years old. It is a pet that will find itself perfectly in any company. He loves when something is happening and loves interacting with people.

A cat needs someone who will give him what he needs most: love. We hope he can find a permanent home soon, where he gets everything he deserves.

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