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They didn’t know what the stray cat was hiding from the world. He showed his true colors 6 months later

The homeless cat spent a lot of time on the streets, making his health critical. Local activists were interested. The metamorphosis he underwent in just a few months surprised even the most experienced rescuers. Pilou, taken into care, has a completely different face than when he was fighting against homelessness.

Homeless cat suffered on the street for years, waiting for help

Pilou is a cat whose story can undoubtedly be considered unique. Activists from La Patte Normande, an organization that helps homeless animals, received a report concerning an extremely neglected cat. Mruczek had been wandering the streets for a long time and did everything to avoid people. He kept his distance and gave everyone he met a wide berth. However, operating in the human world on one’s own terms was associated with great risks. At one point, the cat was so exhausted that he could no longer escape.

Volunteers found an exhausted cat in one of the parking lots. They secured him and named him Pilou. The animal’s health was in ruins, its ears were almost completely destroyed and its rusty gray fur was thinning considerably.

stray cat hiding showed true colors

The cat has completely changed. In the right hands, it has flourished both internally and externally

Since Pilou was very weak and would probably not adapt to the reality of the shelter, he was placed in a temporary home. It took him a few weeks to get used to the new environment and new caregivers. At first, he tried at all costs to limit contact with people to the minimum necessary, but over time he realized that he had nothing to fear. Little by little, he began to show his other, much happier side.

The cat changed not only its attitude towards people, but also its appearance. Over time, his dull fur regained its luster and patches of bald skin began to cover his hair. All this is due to careful care and high-quality nutrition.

There was a change in the rescued cat that surprised even the most experienced rescuers. Everyone agreed that they had never seen even half of this phenomenon before.

stray cat hiding showed true colors

The cat doesn’t seem like it used to. It’s a completely different creature

It only took six months for Pilou to become unrecognizable. It turned out that its red-gray fur was actually a completely different color. In fact, the cat has an exceptionally charming snow-white and gray coat. Without his characteristic ears, or rather their partial absence, it would be difficult to believe that the rescued redhead and the rescued handsome guy are the same cat.

It must be added that Pilou is still shy and cautious towards the new people he meets, but at the same time the temporary guardians have become certain that their ward is ready to move into the permanent home. Unfortunately, in his case, expectations and reality are very different.

stray cat hiding showed true colors

Even though a foster family for Pilou has been sought for two years, no one has decided to take care of the cat until the end of its days. We hope that fate will finally smile on this purring handsome man.

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