A stray cat joins women on a walk. They quickly understood why she didn’t want to leave them even for a second.

stray cat joins women walk

The young woman couldn’t think of a better way to spend her free time than a relaxing walk with a friend and her child. The walkers did not hide their surprise when a stray cat joined them halfway.

The very nice animal followed the women along the bike path and it was only after about twelve minutes that the friends understood why the cat was trying so hard to get in touch with them. The next stop on their way was the vet’s office.

Black cat ‘tied’ to walking women

Where to go to admire beautiful views and spend time surrounded by nature? Together, the two friends decided that the best way to walk would be to take a bike path that runs through a quiet residential area. The choice of this place was motivated by the fact that one of the women could not leave the child at home and preferred a place far from the hustle and bustle of the city so as not to wake the sleeping baby.

The friends took the opportunity to chat for a long time, but at some point, noticed that they had company. Their small group was joined by a black furry cat who, at first glance, seemed to be without an owner. The animal had a slightly mangy coat and had probably stayed on the outskirts of town for a long time.

A slightly unkempt appearance did not prevent the purr from winning the hearts of strangers. The cat impressed his friends with his elegant gait and gentleness. She didn’t let them an inch, so it soon became clear that she had an ulterior motive.

A stray cat needed help. Soon his family was about to grow

One of the girls, Meghan, was the first to notice that the creature’s belly was enlarged. In addition, swollen nipples were clearly visible on the skin, which was a harbinger of the imminent appearance of kittens in the world. This would also explain why the animal became extremely attached to random people and willingly spent time with them.

There is no doubt that the cat did not escape the fate of hundreds of thousands of homeless and unneutered animals. The raven-haired animal was pregnant. So Meghan decided to seek advice from a non-profit organization that rescues stray cats and raises their offspring.

Thanks to their help, she contacted a veterinarian who carried out all the necessary tests at a lower cost. The scanner did not detect a microchip under the cat’s skin, so the woman officially adopted the discovery.

Meghan decided to tell the story of her new parish through videos on the TikTok platform. The fate of a black cat named Wednesday in honor of a gloomy teenager from the fictional “Addams Family” interested a wide audience. One of the recordings quickly gained nearly 1.5 million views.

“I want to thank the whole universe for giving us this pregnant cat,” the video captioned.

@meghandiane4 Meet Wednesday 🖤 I would like to think the universe picked us to take care of this sweet pregnant girl 🖤🥰 TAKING ALL ADVICE!! #pregnantcat #catsoftiktok #fyp ♬ Golden Hour: Piano Version – Andy Morris

The kittens have been given unique names

Of course, Wednesday’s story doesn’t end there. Meghan decided that she would take care of the black cat and her offspring, regardless of the number of kittens born.

@meghandiane4 Kitten update!! Kittens were born yesterday, eyes are still closed and all are doing well so far 🖤 Momma is adjusting. See link in @🌛 Sage 🌜 bio for Amazon list! #kittensoftiktok #kitten #blackcat #wednesdayaddams ♬ Sunsets (feat. Olivia Lunny) – Nurko

Soon four healthy kittens appeared in the world, which also received names referring to an eccentric family living in an isolated house. Of the feline siblings, there was only one female, named Morticia, while the rest of the kittens were named Pugsley Thing and Lurch.

Wednesday turned out to be just perfect for the role of mother, thanks to which the kittens reached the age when they could leave their mother and find a new home without any problems. Even though the black cat initially felt lost in the big world, she finally found a place that can be called home without hesitation.

@meghandiane4 Finally named the litter…although Thing is named aptly because still cannot confirm their gender 🤪🖤 #addamsfamily #wednesdayaddams #kitten #fyp ♬ No Roots – Alice Merton

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