Homeless Cat Brings Her Kittens To Meet The Woman Who Has Been Feeding Her

stray cat presents babies woman feeds

A stray cat, she decides to present her beautiful babies as a gesture of trust to the woman who has been feeding her for days

For a couple of months, Shea Prior had been watching a homeless cat wandering the yard of her house. The cat was somewhat elusive, but one day he finally got close enough to her, and Shea was able to pet, feed, and establish a friendly relationship.

After feeding her for several days, she noticed that the cat was producing milk, which suggested that she had kittens hidden somewhere.

Shea told The Dodo:

I was stroking her and I held her, that’s when I realized that she had milk and was probably nursing some babies.

Woman meets the babies of a cat she feeds

stray cat presents babies woman feeds

Shea was excited, but at the same time worried, because she wanted to help the cat with her kittens, but she did not know where they could be. She searched around her yard, but she couldn’t find any kittens; She without realizing it, she asked the cat where they were.

stray cat presents babies woman feeds

Shea said in a Facebook post:

I started telling her to show me her babies, and I bet her babies were very pretty.

The next day, while Shea was watering the plants, she saw the cat running towards her, and to her surprise, this time she was not alone.

stray cat presents babies woman feeds

Shea said:

She came running up to me and rubbed my leg as she made her little croaking sound. She took me to my shed, I looked over and saw a couple of little fluff balls staring at me. She dropped onto her side and started calling them out to see me.

The cat trusted Shea a lot and she knew that she would help keep her family safe from her, so she introduced him to her kittens.

stray cat presents babies woman feeds

The kittens were scared and did not want to come out of hiding, but the cat showed them that everything was fine and there was nothing to fear. In the end, the little kittens became confident and brave enough to come out of their den and meet Shea.

stray cat presents babies woman feeds

Shea said:

One of the little ones was super brave, he approached me with his little pointed tail raised in the air and let me caress him. Finally, after about 10 to 15 minutes, they all came up to me, let me hug and caress them.

As soon as she met the whole family, she knew that she had to help them, so she took them inside her home to take care of them.

stray cat presents babies woman feeds

Within days, Shea found homes for the five kittens, but they will be adopted when they are the appropriate age, and she decided to adopt the cat.

For now, Shea is very grateful to the cat for trusting her and allowing her family to take care of her.

stray cat presents babies woman feeds

Thanks to her, very soon all kittens will have the best homes forever. If you want to help with the veterinary care of the mother cat and hers kittens, you can donate on GoFundMe.

Images: Shea A Prior


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