The stray cat refused to accept help from people. When she finally trusted them, they got a surprise

stray cat refused accept help from people

A rescuer from an organization that helps animals noticed that there is a cat in the cat colony that does not look like a stray cat. The Habs were afraid of people and tried to keep their distance. Moreover, she also resisted the trap for a long time, until finally there was a breakthrough. A few days after moving into her new home, newborn kittens were found on her bed.

The Foster Purrs organization decided to prepare advertisements asking if any area residents were looking for their missing cat. After a while, the man who fed him spoke to lifeguard Mary Chromek.

“She climbed traps instead of going inside”

Lifeguard Mary shared the cat’s story with Love Meow. Whenever she thought the animal would approach her, it kept a safe distance. He also dealt with the humanitarian trappings the woman surprisingly set.

“She was humanely climbing my traps instead of going inside. She is amazing,” says the rescuer.

After speaking to the man who made contact after posting the announcement, it turns out that the cat still comes to him when he comes to feed her. Then a plan came to mind.

The trick managed to catch the cat

Mary thought she would try to catch the purr when it was mealtime. When the man started petting her, they quickly moved the kitten to the carrier. After a while of driving, they were already in the center, where a specially arranged space awaited them.

“As soon as she was inside, she was relaxed and happy. He loves petting him, banging his head against his hand, the woman reported.

Shortly after, it turned out that the cat was pregnant. Then the rescuers breathed in all the more relief that they were able to capture her and ensure safe conditions in which her children would be born.

Seven kittens are born

A few days passed, and no less than seven cute kittens appeared in the world. Their mother, whose name was Calla Lily, was very brave and took care of them immediately. It was an expression of trust in the rescuer that she allowed him to touch her little ones just hours after giving birth.

– She’s a wonderful mum, but luckily this will be her last litter. She can finally enjoy being a young cat – because she’s had back-to-back litters since she was old enough to breed, says Mary.

The little ones grow like weeds, and thanks to the guardians of the cat, the cat has time to take a break to take care of them. His fate unfolded in the best possible way.

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