Stray Dog Gets Into Couple’s Car And Refuses To Get Out For Unusual Reason

stray dog gets into couple car and refuses to get out

In fact, stories that involve animals always generate a feeling, whether it’s hurtful or comforting to the heart. Thanks to Facebook, the adoption of Buddy, a stray dog who found a home after getting into a parked car, has gone viral.

The couple, who told the moving story, said the dog not only took over his car, but also their desire to give the lonely dog a loving and happy home.

Garrett Golden and Emily Romano, explain that it all happened when they were coming out of a yoga class. During an oversight, they noticed that a small street dog had managed to get into their car, sitting in the lower part of the passenger seat.

Observing him inside the vehicle, they noticed that the dog, which was still calm, looked hungry and thirsty, so they decided to provide him with food. After immediately gaining his trust, they were able to bring him into their home and, subsequently, into their lives.

A few hours later, already with the medical examinations carried out at a local veterinarian, the young people realized that they had fallen in love with the pit bull. Wandering the streets looking for someone willing to give them love and shelter touched them deeply, leading them to “adopt” him, naming him Buddy.

After weeks of becoming dog owners, the couple went through what was to be one of the biggest scares of their lives. During a walk, the dog got lost while chasing a bird, which immediately mobilized Emily, who went to all the shelters in the area to report the disappearance of their dog.

After a few hours, the dog was found safe and sound. His reaction to meeting his “human parents” was simply emotional. Her story, captured in a video posted on Facebook, garnered thousands of reactions.

After days of being hungry and thirsty on the streets, Buddy finally found the home he was looking for on the dangerous city streets. Now the dog is healthy, happy and surrounded by lots of love.

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