A Stray Dog ​​Interrupts A Show To Help An Actor Who Was Pretending To Be Hurt

stray dog interrupts show help actor pretending hurt

The magnificent story of a stray dog ​​who did not hesitate to get into the middle of the scene of a play in Turkey to help an actor who pretended to be injured.

That dogs have a special sensitivity is well known. In fact, we can find guide dogs for blind people, and also dogs capable of helping people who suffer for example from epilepsy. The story that we now tell you is that of one of those “special” dogs, who did not hesitate to interrupt a street play to help an actor who was pretending to be injured.

A stray dog ​​interrupts a performance to help an actor who was pretending to be hurt

stray dog interrupts show help actor pretending hurt

During a recent theatrical performance in Izmit, a town in Turkey, the script called for the character of actor Numan Ertuğrul Uzunsoy to get hurt, all obviously being fake. But this is not what a four-legged “spontaneous” understood who did not hesitate to comfort the injured actor.

As Numan lay on the ground, his feigned suffering from him did not go unnoticed. From one side of the square where the show was staged, a stray dog, worried about seeing the actor fall to the ground, made his entrance, interrupting the play to offer comfort to the “wounded” young man.

“I felt heat on my face. First, I thought my co-star was getting closer to me, ”Numan told The Dodo portal.

stray dog interrupts show help actor pretending hurt

As you can see in the video that has already gone viral, the dog approaches the actor while he is lying on the floor with his eyes closed, and tries to position himself in such a way that it can be a kind of pillow, as he cannot, He does not hesitate to place his head on top of the actor’s to (supposedly) give him heat and shelter him, as well as start kissing him. Seeing how the scene unfolded, the audience started in applause, while Numan tried to pet the dog who seemed quite worried.

“I was very happy when I felt the kisses of the dog,” Numan said. “He touched Me a lot. He was like an angel who wanted to help me. It was a very emotional moment for me. I did not expect “.

The rest of the cast approached to try to get the dog off his companion, but he was far from wanting to move, he just stood on his stomach and wagged his tail as if he wanted to play with everyone.

“My co-stars loved the dog and the audience was very happy,” Numan said. “Everyone applauded”.

A cast member eventually escorted the sweet dog off stage, where he lingered for a while before walking away. Numan, however, hopes that their reunion that day will be just the first of many more as he is determined to find the dog for a home and thus return the favor for the kindness he had shown Numan.

“The next day I went to the same place, looking for him. People told me that he usually hangs around. I went again today, ”Numan said. I’ll search for it until I find it. I have always loved animals.

Images: Izmit Belediyesi

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