Stray Dog Tracks The Workplace Of The Guy Who Was Nice To Her

stray Dog Tracks Kind Boy With Her

Mohd Ridhuan came across a group of stray dogs a month ago while chatting on Johor Bahru Beach in Malaysia with some friends. The young man who has always had empathy for animals, knew that he should help them. His surprise was enormous when a dog he had met on the street, tracked down his workplace and waited for him.

Mohd started going to the beach frequently to bring food to the four dogs who were happily waiting for him; especially a sweet brown and white dog named Sally.

The young man told The Dodo:

“I tried to get close to them and took a risk because they might chase me. Surprisingly, they did not. Their tails wagged when they saw me.”

Stray dog tracks down the boy who gives her food

Little dog tracks young man

On one occasion that the young man could not get to the beach, he was surprised when he found Sally outside the store where she works with no intention of leaving until she had spent time with him. Now Sally finds the store as her home and spends as much time as possible with Mohd.

Sad stray dog

When she finishes her shift and must go home, Mohd knows that Sally is left a little sad.

He added:

“She always makes a sad face every time I go home. She is clingy, cheerful and protective.”

stray dog tracks young man

The young man thinks that the dog is safer there than wandering on the beach, and he usually talks to Sally so that she does not move away from her and it seems that she listens to him attentively.

Mohd tells:

“I tell him: ‘If I’m not here, go [to the restaurant] and don’t play on the road. She listens to me or sleeps in the store waiting for me .”

stray dog interrupts show help actor pretending hurt

Unfortunately, Mohd can’t have little Sally in his apartment, but he would love to find her a place where she can be safe and have a better life, so he has posted on his social networks about the adorable Sally so that someone makes her part of his family.

Mohd added:

“The first time I posted about animals, especially dogs, I got a lot of harsh comments and compliments. I don’t care, I just look on the bright side and keep doing what I’m doing.”

Images: Twitter / AtukNature

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