A Kitten Got Stuck In A Ventilation Duct At University. She Curled Up On The Rescuer’s Neck To “Thank” Him

stuck kitten duct ventilation university

Kittens deprived of a mother find it difficult to find themselves in reality. Ginger tom Delilah, who couldn’t count on help from her mother or her human guardian, had a particularly demanding task. The homeless baby wanted to find a place that would turn out to be a safe hiding place at all costs. However, it turned out that the location chosen by the kitten was not a shelter, but a real trap. Without the help of kind-hearted people, the story could have ended tragically.

Students found a needy kitten on campus, but couldn’t help her

One day, in one of the universities, students realized that a cat was trapped in a ventilation duct. This was evidenced by the loud mewing coming from the ventilation grilles. Unfortunately, despite the efforts of many young people, no one has been able to locate the place where the animal entered.

For several days, the students tried to feed the kitten by throwing food through the air vents, hoping the animal would manage to get by on its own. However, it turned out that the quadruped is unable to find a way to freedom. Representatives of the rescue group Animals Lebanon were approached.

stuck kitten duct ventilation university

Rescuers could not find the kitten in the thicket of labyrinths

Animlas Lebanon activists did not hesitate to come to the aid of the animal in need. They went to the place indicated as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, the search operation was not the easiest. After the arrival of the team of specialists on the site, the animal, as if out of spite, was silent. This made it difficult to locate them. Fortunately, the rescuers were very determined. After many hours of fruitless research, they decided to change tactics.

Animals Lebanon representatives set up a humane trap directly at the vent outlet, in which they placed food as a lure. They hoped that under the cover of night, the hungry kitten would decide to get out of the ventilation mazes on its own.

The idea turned out to be a success. The next day, in the cage, they found a terrified young tomcat.

Now the kitten sees no reason to run away from people

The kitten quickly won the sympathy of the entire Animals Lebanon team. After securing the little one, he was taken to a veterinary clinic to make sure he was okay. Turns out the tom was terrified, but other than that he was fine.

stuck kitten duct ventilation university
stuck kitten duct ventilation university

After getting out of the ventilation shaft, his life changed for the better. He was given the name Delilah and quickly found people who wanted to take him under their roof.

Today, Delilah enjoys a comfortable bed, a well-filled bowl and a lot of tenderness. He no longer needs to be afraid and run away. Thanks to the reaction of Animals Lebanon students and activists, her life has changed for the better.

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