Student had no one to care for his cat and he had an important exam ahead of him. There was only one thing he could do

student care cat important exam
Martin Adan

A student was struggling with a big problem. He had an important exam to pass. Unfortunately, he couldn’t just go to college. He had no one to ask for help taking care of the cat. The little dog was only a few weeks old and required a lot of care, so leaving him home alone wasn’t an option. The student decided to take a risk. He hoped everything would go as he planned.

He had to choose: either studies or a cat

A young man unexpectedly became the owner of a kitten several weeks old. He did his best to provide his new pet with everything he needed. It was not easy. The cat required a lot of care and attention. He begged for food every few hours and preferred to spend the time between feedings on her lap.

The kitten’s new guardian was also a student. A serious problem arose on the day of an important exam. He didn’t know how to solve it: he had to leave the house for a few hours to take the exam. At the same time, he knew he couldn’t afford to leave the cat unattended during this time. Unfortunately, he had no one to ask for help. The situation seemed to be at an impasse.

student care cat important exam
Martin Adan

The student took a risk. He put it all on one card

The cat guardian was very interested in his studies. He knew that not taking the exam would have serious consequences. That’s why he decided to take the risk. He put his little pet in a carrier and accompanied him to college. He hoped that the professor would understand his situation and allow him to take the exam in the company of his pet.

The student did not know what the teacher’s attitude towards animals was during the lessons he was taking that day. However, he soon realized that Professor Martin Adan had clear opinions on this issue. There was no question of discussion.


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The teacher’s reaction surprised the student

Professor Martin didn’t have to think long about how to react to the sight of a student with a kitten. He told the dog’s owner to take the exam, while he took care of the cat, assuring him there was no problem.

At first, the kitten’s guardian was shocked. However, he quickly appreciated the professor’s gesture and took advantage of the opportunity given to him. He tried to pass the exam as best he could, then returned to caring for his pet with a calm head. He did not hide that the professor’s approach made it much easier for him to realize his dream of obtaining higher education. The university employee, in turn, wanted to show that he very much appreciated the responsible attitude of his student. He appreciated that the man took the care of his animal very seriously and did not allow situations that could be traumatic for the animal.

student care cat important exam
Martin Adan

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