New study: Women sleep better next to their dog than with their partner (or their cat)

Study women sleep better next to their dog than with their spouse
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An interesting study was conducted by specialists from Canis College in Buffalo (New York, USA). The results are published in the Journal of the International Society of Anthrozoology. It turned out that the owners of four-legged friends usually feel more confident and better than those who do not have pets at all. But that’s not all! As the study showed, the presence of a faithful dog nearby, according to the respondents, improves the overall quality of sleep, gives a sense of security.

Let’s get to the details. In total, the study interviewed 962 women living in the United States. They were asked to talk about their habits and preferences during their sleep. It turned out the following: 55% of respondents admitted that they take a pet dog with them to bed, 31% – a cat. Some readers may ask a reasonable question: where is this world going? But not everything is so bad: 57% of those surveyed indicated that they spend the night with a human partner. We conclude from this: 57% – more than half. Among the women who took part in the survey, there are both “dog wives” and “cat wives”. Thus, options are not excluded when a loved one and a pet are “invited” to bed.

However, the “cat ladies” in the study suffered a crushing defeat. It turns out that with dogs you can sleep quietly and peacefully all night without waking up for trifles. Or at the whim of your pet – as you wish. The fact is that people and cats, according to the respondents, behave restlessly – they jump in the middle of the night, try to make themselves comfortable, etc. Beautiful ladies are forced to wake up, sleep becomes intermittent, as a natural result – a feeling of fatigue and “lack of sleep” in the morning. With dogs, it must be assumed, things are different. And what about the principles of science? This is probably in order, since such a serious study was published by a respected scientific journal.

However, let’s return to our question. What other advantages of co-sleeping with dogs did the survey participants mention? It turns out that dogs “encourage” their owners to go to bed early and always get up on time. No internet surfing for the next dream! In terms of sleep quality, this is really a big plus. Cats, according to the women interviewed, are lazy animals by nature. In addition, they are able to infect others with their laziness. A kind of eternally sleeping cat leads downright to drowsiness. Have you ever noticed that drowsiness in itself is a rather dangerous condition? You will not get enough sleep, but the feeling of fatigue and weakness for the whole day is guaranteed.

We wonder why such an aversion to cats? Let’s use common sense logic. They say it’s bad to sleep with cats. Imagine that a mustachioed animal urgently wants to go about its business at night. What is he going to do? He will jump quietly, reach the plateau and calmly return. And the dog? Feeling the urge to go to the toilet at half past five in the morning, he goes to lick the owner’s nose. What is the quality of sleep?

However, the researchers are adamant: “Owning a dog is above all about order, a well-established schedule of the day. Dogs willy-nilly force their owners to adhere to it, which ultimately contributes to the improvement of their quality of life.

And here’s another study conducted last year at the nonprofit Mayo Clinic in Arizona. Women and men participated in this study. Many respondents admitted to a long-standing weakness in inviting their pets to bed. However, the conclusions drawn are fundamentally different: the close presence of pets during sleep does not contribute to improving its quality.

Summary. The research topic is certainly interesting! But the truth, as always, lies somewhere in the middle. And to establish it, it will still take dozens of investigations and scientific experiments!

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