This 5-Year-Old Boy Has Superpowers: He Saves Stray Cats!

Shon Griffin superpowers boy saves stray cats

We present the story of a boy who has nothing to envy to Batman, Superman, and even less to Captain America, because this little boy has a healing power that helps dozens of stray cats.

This is Shon Griffin

A stray cat named Bug had avoided rescuers in Philadelphia for several days, but overnight and without warning; A 5-year-old boy came into action and became a hero.

“We could not castrate Bug because he did not want to come near us, nor the traps we gave him,” said Kris Papiernik, one of the volunteers of the American association. “But when Shon – the little one – came and started feeding him, Bug immediately became a very friendly cat.”

At that time, Shon let us know that one of his priorities in life was to help stray cats, a passion he has in his veins since he is the nephew of two experienced rescuers.

Papiernik and Kia Griffin (the hero’s uncles) have been caring for 45 street cats in total for 10 years in the city, and since learning to walk, Shon has been accompanying them. “We have played an important role in his life since birth,” said Papiernik. “If he was with us, he was surrounded by cats, he follows our example.”

The uncles and the little one makes sure that the cats are well fed and do not miss anything, and sterilized. They are also trying to find a loving home for all saved cats.

Sometimes it can be a very hard job, working with stray cats, but Shon seems to have done very well in his role. “We were a little reluctant at first because they were stray cats, and we thought they might be running away from a restless 3-year-old boy,” said Papiernik. Finally, corroborated, the cats received the little hero with open arms.

Shon had a hidden superpower. It helps cats feel comfortable and lets them know there is no danger. “They just surrounded him,” said Papiernik. “It scratches their belly and head, it was amazing to see these cats, who did not even allow us to touch them, get along so well with him right away, he must have that positive aura that cats can perceive. “, Emphasize the volunteers.

Everywhere in Philadelphia, Bug and the rest of the Kolony Kats, Backyard Boys, Kitties Gas Station, Meow Squad, Stray Kitty Crew and Indoor Kitties are a little safer thanks to this young hero. He brings them food, fills bowls of water and gives them treats so that cats do not miss anything. On the other hand, his uncles deal with canned foods and medicines. “Sometimes he likes to dress differently,” said Papiernik. “He says he makes him feel like a superhero for animals.”

Thanks for everything you do for cats, Shon! ❤

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