Sweet Cat Adopts A Kitten Found On The Roadside And Changes Her Life


A small ginger kitten was found on the roadside. The little boy was in bad shape and his paws were covered in tar, but the people who found him rushed to find a way to help him.

Concerned about the little feline, the Good Samaritans contacted Mellissa, founder of Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue, in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. Weeks earlier, the woman took in another feline who was pregnant and had just given birth to a litter of ginger kittens.

Melissa told Love Meow:

“When I got the call about the kitten and found out that it was also a ginger tabby, I knew I had to bring it.”

sweet cat family roadside

The new mom named Ginny had six kittens, but despite her care and Melissa’s support, two of them (Poppy and Phoenix) lost the battle and perished; the remaining four went ahead and were called: Felix, Fox, Finn, and Peach.

Ginny was a very protective mother and did not shy away from her little ones. Melissa had to put the food near the cat so she wouldn’t neglect her feeding.

sweet cat family roadside

When Melissa heard about the little kitten found on the roadside, she knew she had to help him.

She added:

I wasn’t planning on having any more babies after losing Phoenix and Poppy, but I felt like it was meant to be. Perhaps one of them had returned to my care to try again.

sweet cat family roadside

Melissa got ready to greet the little feline and made him a warm bed with a warm pillow to keep him warm. The little one received tube feeding 24 hours a day and little by little the weak kitten began to show strength.

To help loosen the tar from his paws, he applied mineral oil, and with his care and visits to the vet, his little paws healed.

sweet cat family roadside

After thinking about it, she decided to call it Phoenix in honor of the baby Phoenix, the kitten recovered quickly and purred loudly; she was happy to finally be safe.

Melissa said:

She started making muffins (kneading the blankets). She also had a habit of putting her paws on my face, almost as if she was showing me how grateful she was and how much better her paws felt.

sweet cat family roadside

When the little Phoenix was recovered, Melissa decided to introduce him to Ginny and her babies, and when the mother cat heard him, she ran to his side and began to kiss and caress him as if he were her little one. She fell in love immediately; the little one was already part of the family.

Melissa added:

The rest of the babies accepted it instantly. It was meant to be!

sweet cat family roadside

Fénix was not breastfed by Ginny, the little one was a bottle baby, but he had a sweet routine when the kittens came to eat where Mom. He stayed by her side hugging her all the time, and despite being two weeks younger than her new siblings, she managed well to be on their level and learned everything quickly.

sweet cat family roadside

The oldest of the kittens named Felix, welcomed the little Phoenix under his care; she stayed by his side and hugged him tenderly. When it came time to find a definitive home for each one, Melissa struggled to find places where they would have feline company.

sweet cat family roadside

Ginny went through a lot up to that point and found a loving home in the company of her daughter Peach; For their part Fox, Felix and Finn went to different homes where they have a feline friend to play and cuddle with.

sweet cat family roadside

Fénix also found a loving family that conscious him and now he has an adopted sister and enjoys a lovely life and lots of love.

sweet cat family roadside

If you want to know more about the work carried out by the Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue shelter, you can visit their Facebook page, and you can also enjoy the new life of the phoenix with her family on their Instagram account.

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