Adorable Cat Helps Dad Look Better Before Big Date

sweet cat helps dad look better date

This sweet cat loves helping his dad look his best before going out on a big date, he’s really adorable.

Merayad Ali lives in Germany and shares her home with her adorable cat named Zeytin, who is also her personal stylist. They spend much of their time together, Zeytin loves her father madly and is a bit possessive when it comes to his affections.

The kitten came into Merayad’s life one day when her brother found a stray black kitten in dire need of a home. Merayad had no plans to have any pets, let alone a cat, but after helping take care of Zeytin, he ended up falling completely in love with the kitten.

Merayad told The Dodo:

Zeytin definitely won my heart. We are very close. I would do anything for her.

Adorable cat helps his dad before a big date

Sweet cat and her human

The kitten and his father really enjoy spending time together and their bond is very strong. Although Zeytin always accompanies his father wherever he is, one night Merayad had an important appointment where his sweet cat could not accompany him. And although Zeytin wasn’t invited, she made sure her dad looked his best.

The man said:

She’s the best hairdresser ever.

This gesture of love from Zeytin is very significant for his father since in reality the kitten is a bit possessive. Apparently, Zeytin controlled his feelings that day, so his father could enjoy himself and have a good time without feeling guilty.

Merayad adds:

I know she doesn’t want to share me with anyone, but she helps me anyway. She’s a really good cat.

black kitten

The wily Zeytin surely knows there’s no way anyone can interfere with her father’s love for her, and she knows he loves her just as much as she loves him.

Merayad assures:

She has the complete decision [on who I date]. Nothing would work without her approval.

Images: Merayad Ali


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