This Dog Has The Sweetest Reaction After Accidentally Ripping His Favorite Pillow

sweet dog smash favorite pillow

Draco is a pit bull who didn’t have an easy start in life, but there is something that comforts him in his good times and his bad. A heart-shaped pillow with arms is Draco’s most prized possession, and he takes it with him wherever he goes.

Allie O’Cain, Draco’s mother, told The Dodo:

“If someone else takes his pillow, he jumps in and grabs it. He uses it every day to fall asleep.

A dog accidentally rips his favorite pillow

sweet dog smash favorite pillow

Unfortunately, due to a freak accident, the dog’s favorite pillow seemed to be destined for the trash, which Draco couldn’t allow. He’s been taking care of his pillow ever since he was rescued by Allie from a rancher, the little orphan, just two weeks old.

sweet dog smash favorite pillow

Since then, his pillow accompanies him everywhere and although he tends to destroy all the toys, his relationship with his pillow is something special.

Allie said:

“Draco is a mad chewer and we have become a ‘rubber toy only’ house as anything with putty will destroy him in less than five minutes. But he was very gentle and loving with this pillow.”

Unfortunately, when Draco’s friend, a black lab named Willow, wanted to play and share a pillow with him, something happened that no one expected.

sweet dog smash favorite pillow

Draco didn’t really like it when his friend took the pillow, so he became overprotective and tried to snatch the pillow away from him, breaking it in the process.

The heart shaped pillow was so torn that all the stuffing started to come out and it looked like it couldn’t be fixed. Luckily for Draco, his grandmother was present and saw what had happened to her most prized possession and took action.

sweet dog smash favorite pillow

Allie said:

“We think the pillow was so worn it tore easily. My mother freaked out and grabbed it and yelled, ‘I’ll fix it, Draco!

So Draco’s darling grandmother took the pillow to her sewing machine and began performing “surgery” to repair the damage.

But, the sweet dog couldn’t stay “cross-legged” while his favorite object was operated on, so he kept an eye on the process.

sweet dog smash favorite pillow

Allie said:

“The whole time Draco’s head and legs were coming out of the sewing machine, he was moaning and trying to reach for the pillow with his mouth.

Since the start of the supposed “surgery”, the cute pitbull did not want to leave the premises and it seemed that he was waiting for the final result of the operation.

Allie wrote on Facebook:

“He acted like his wife was in surgery.”

sweet dog smash favorite pillow

As soon as his grandmother finished fixing his pillow, Draco rushed over to hug his favorite toy and was completely satisfied with the cushion. After receiving it, he seemed to be very calm and relieved, because he had his favorite company again and was fully booked again.

Allie said:

Pit bulls are the exact opposite of what people think. They remain babies forever.”

sweet dog smash favorite pillow

For now, Allie and her mother will continue to fix Draco’s favorite pillow until he gets tired of it, but maybe that will never happen.

Images: Facebook / Dogspotting Society – Alexandra OCain

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