Sweet Rottweiler Comforts A Stranger In The Park Who Recently Lost His Dog

sweet rottweiler consoles strange lost dog

This sweet rottweiler decided to comfort a stranger visiting the park who recently lost his beloved dog

Nato is an adorable Rottweiler with a huge heart. While he was visiting the park in the company of his father, Dan McPierson, an older man was on a bench near where the dog was playing; Despite seeing the man alone, Nato apparently felt the need to come over to say hello.

The sweet dog wanted to come and say hello to that man in the park, so his father, seeing him, gave him permission to go to the bench, and Dan quickly realized that that was exactly what that person needed.

Dan told The Dodo:

As soon as the man sat down, Nato looked him in the eye. Nato responded positively, but I could see that the guy was sad.

Sweet rottweiler comforts a stranger in the park

sweet rottweiler consoles strange lost dog

He added:

After I took the video, the man told me that he had a dog that looked like Nato in his way. Suddenly, I remembered that we had seen him before with that dog. He told me that he had recently lost her, and that he gave her a very good feeling to be able to pet Nato.

sweet rottweiler consoles strange lost dog

That man was in mourning, as his beloved dog had recently passed away. Nato could feel it and wanted to make him smile a little, and Dan was so touched to see his dog helping someone else that he needed a little comfort.

The story that began with the sweet Rottweiler and that stranger, ended up melting the hearts of many who saw that moment in a short video posted by his father on his social networks.



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Finally, Dan added:

It’s so normal for him to quickly bond with people that I’m used to, but it still amazes me. Especially when people cry and tell me their stories. We are fortunate that this happens to us often.

sweet rottweiler consoles strange lost dog

You can enjoy the adventures of Nato and his father by visiting his TikTok account.

Images: Dan Mcpierson


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