A Teacher Comforts A Lost Dog Who Walked In During Her Lesson

teacher comforts lost dog entered during her class

English teacher Karine Ribeiro walked into the classroom and found a disoriented and frightened dog in need of comforting.

Karine Ribeiro is an English teacher and teaches in a school in Brazil. One day, as she walked into the classroom, she noticed a completely different student this time, a dog who seemed confused and scared.

The teacher asked if the dog belonged to one of her students, but they said no, so she did what she thought was best for this lost little animal.

Unlike other people who would surely take the dog out of the classroom, Karine picked her up and held her as she taught her students the day’s lesson, comforting her. Teach in this way a great lesson of empathy and benevolence towards his students.

The teacher comforts a lost dog who came during her lesson

Karine Ribeiro

Karine told The Dodo:

“When I saw her, looking lost, my mummy dog ​​instinct kicked in. I thought, ‘What if this was one of my dogs? “I would like him to be kissed! He was very calm, he seemed to like the situation.”

teacher takes care of dog

While Karine held the dog, one of her students took the series of photos that she will later share with her.

Later, the professor was able to solve the mystery of the origin of the adorable lost animal. It turned out that he was in the wrong room, since he had followed his favorite boy to school that day, and he was in another class, but after Karine’s lesson, he met him again.

Karine and dog

For Karine and her students, this day will surely be remembered forever, and she hopes it’s not just a fun memory.

Karine and her dogs

She finally said:

“I adopted two dogs who lived on the street as soon as I moved here. I always like to teach that we need to show care, empathy and respect for pets, especially those who are homeless.”

Images: Karine Riberiro

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