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She doesn’t know who to entrust her dog to, the teacher decides to bring him to class!

Not all jobs offer the possibility of working remotely and the difficulties in carrying out professional functions force us to look for atypical solutions. This was discovered by a teacher who was looking for someone to look after a puppy during her lessons. She couldn’t leave him alone. The school principal didn’t move.

The teacher had no one to leave the puppy with. No question of leaving him alone at home

Life with a puppy is full of surprises. Until our little friend learns to stay at home alone and manage his dog’s emotions, we will face many challenges related to establishing a daily schedule of classes and other activities. Sometimes, to avoid unexpected absences, we take our friend with us wherever we can: to a restaurant, to a store or even to the workplace.

An art school teacher was looking for help to solve the problem of her little dog, or more precisely, leaving her animal alone at home during her lessons. After spending the first few moments with her new pet, the newly qualified pet sitter had to return to work. However, the little one was not yet ready for the separation. He needed frequent walks and attention because, due to boredom, he sought alternative methods of entertainment. Its little teeth processed anything that entered the dog’s mouth. The woman therefore asked her employer if she could take the dog with her. The director could not have reacted otherwise.

The puppy became the university’s mascot. Canine therapy works wonders

Ludvico Arte, director of the Marco Polo Technical Institute of Tourism in Florence, has never encountered a similar demand in his entire career. However, realizing the positive impact of time spent with animals on students, he immediately decided that the dog would wait for its guardian at the university. The puppy thus became the university mascot.

teacher decides to bring dog to class

The dog bravely followed the principal to different areas of the building and students couldn’t stop petting him during lessons. Fortunately, the director, open to new ideas, is already convinced of canine therapy. Remembering how good the students’ lessons with animals were, he hoped that contact with a dog would bring a lot of joy to his students this time.

teacher decides to bring dog to class

The media noise overwhelmed the director. He called for calm

Seeing the joy on the students’ faces, Ludovico Arte posted a message on Facebook. He thus intended to break the spell of the idea that universities would be closed to animals and would have rigid regulations. The message quickly spread on Internet forums and many Italian and foreign journalists wanted to interview him. The avalanche of messages which overwhelmed the director pushed him to appeal for calm.

“The frenzy, partly beautiful and partly worrying, that has broken out in the media is truly sobering. This very ordinary situation has unnecessarily diverted attention and space from many more important issues.” – wrote the school director on his profile.

The director of the Institute does not care about media publicity. He just wanted to help a woman in an impossible situation and at the same time please his students.

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