Teacher’s Emotional Farewell To Stray Dog Has The Sweetest Happy Ending

teacher emotional farewell stray dog

Scholar. The 4-month-old dog who lived on the streets of New Orleans until a good Samaritan took him in. However, circumstances forced the man to make a difficult decision: find a new home for the cute dog or lose his own.

Recently, her story has touched the hearts of many, and for good reason.

teacher emotional farewell stray dog

“The little dog was found missing and this man, who was also a teacher at a school in New Orleans, brought this sweet boy home to care for him,” the Villalobos Rescue Center said in a post. on Facebook. “But that was short-lived because when the owner of the house found out he told her to get rid of the dog.”

The man did what he thought was best for the cute dog: he went to the Clairborne Rescue Center and waited for someone to arrive so he could explain the unfortunate circumstances. Fortunately, they understood and stepped in to help.

The Professor’s Moving Farewell:

“A new sense of belief in humanity has begun to take hold,” the post said. “The paperwork is complete and we have assured the owner that the dog is in good hands.”

The man asked for a moment to say goodbye, but no one was prepared for Scholar’s charming response. “Hearts melted, tears fell and a furry little tail went ‘tumpity thump, thump’,” the post read.

Today we learned something: not all heroes wear capes. We realize that somewhere in a city plagued by crime and impotence, he stands in front of a classroom where his only “weapon” is knowledge.

teacher emotional farewell stray dog

The rescue team named the dog Scholar after the teacher who took such good care of him.

“Together, we hope her story will transform lives, enrich minds and teach that together we can make a difference, even for a moment,” the post read.

Right now, Scholar is training with a loving lifeguard and continues to thrive.

“He’s doing great,” said Tía Torres, the rescue’s founder. “There are a lot of things that led to such an important decision, and while our fans have probably been waiting for this happy ending, Scholar’s story will continue on its own.”

teacher emotional farewell stray dog

Soon, Scholar will transition to The Pet Pack Rescue Initiative, which is run by teachers. His story is not over, it has only just begun.

“As a former teacher, that surprised me,” Torres said. “We thought the rescue was the perfect next step for the Scholar’s ‘life lessons’ and journey to find a forever home.”

Thanks to all the lovely people who took care of the boy, including the owner’s selfless actions and several rescues, the dog’s chances of succeeding in this class called “Life” are good.

We saw this story in The Dodo and brought it to you especially because we knew you would like it.

Images: Facebook / Villalobos Rescue Center – Life 4 Paws, Inc.

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