With tears in his eyes, the schoolboy asked the teacher an unusual question. Knowing his situation at home, he couldn’t refuse

tears in eyes schoolboy asked teacher unusual question
Ali Bonilla Esteban

In elementary school, where daily life is usually focused on homework, lessons and responsibilities, something unusual happened one day. It all started with a simple question from one of the students. Life was not easy for him and his thoughts were occupied by only one thing. Full of despair, he asked the teacher to make an exception for him. The entire class felt the effects of his request.

The boy asked the teacher a question. He couldn’t react otherwise

It all started one day in elementary school, when a boy approached his teacher with a touching request. As soon as the man heard the reason, he knew there was no other option. He had to react appropriately.

Due to recent difficulties at home, the boy asked if his faithful friend could accompany him to school. The idea of seeing her waiting alone in the empty apartment terrified him and made it difficult for him to concentrate on his classes. Even though he doubted the success of his project, he decided to try to convince the teacher to let him bring his pet to class.

“He asked me, a little nervously, if Pequeña could come to school with him. I agreed. I wanted to support him so that he felt comfortable with his faithful friend”, says Ali Bonilla Esteban, a teacher.

tears in eyes schoolboy asked teacher unusual question
Ali Bonilla Esteban

The teacher noticed a change in the classroom when a dog was sitting there

Although the decision was quite unusual, it was easy for Esteban. The teacher wanted the student to be able to participate in lessons without worrying about the fate of his frightened pet, sitting alone at home. Yet he didn’t know that his decision would have such a huge impact on the boy’s behavior.

Ever since he told Lopez his pet was welcome in class, the boy had brought his best friend every day. The furry companion improved the mood not only for him, but also for the rest of the students, who had a much better time studying in the company of the dog. Seeing this, the professor understood that he had made the right decision.

“My student’s mood has improved significantly. He’s happy”, says Esteban.

tears in eyes schoolboy asked teacher unusual question
Ali Bonilla Esteban

The puppy has become a member of the family for the whole class. “We are all happy with his presence”

Pequeña sitting on Lopez’s lap became a daily sight in class. She helped the boy focus on the lesson and calmed him down. When the boy was nervous, he could relax by petting his friend.

Sunia was calm and tried not to disturb the other students. Soon, the whole class felt the positive effects of his presence. She influenced not only Lopez’s behavior, but also the rest of the students. His presence brought feelings of happiness and peace to a classroom full of children.

“She became another member of our family. We are all happy in his presence”, summarizes the professor.

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