An Adopted 14-Year-Old Girl Is Helping Senior Dogs Find A Forever Home Just Like She Did

meena teen older dogs adoption

A girl who was adopted when she was a baby, has dedicated herself to helping the older dogs of a shelter so they can find a home

A 14-year-old adopted girl has raised $ 14,000 to help older dogs that have been abandoned. All of the girl’s work is aimed at helping them find a forever family and home, just like when she was adopted as just a baby.

Meena Kumar, the leading girl in this story, had a difficult start in life. At nine months she was abandoned in a basket on a university campus in Pune, India.

teen senior dogs adoption

When they found her, they took her to an orphanage in Mumbai and after spending a year in this place her luck changed for the better.

Fortunately, Meena was adopted by a couple in Mumbai and later taken to San Jose, California, United States, where she leads a happy life.

teen senior dogs adoption

In Mumbai, Meena was already showing her love and interest in helping animals, as she cared for a litter of puppies in her own home. When she arrived in the United States, her weekly routine included visiting the Humane Society or the Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

The organization, which rescues about 1,000 dogs a year with the help of volunteers, does not use cages, and gives elderly dogs a second chance at life.

teen senior dogs adoption

Meena learned about the rescue center from a neighbor who had adopted a dog from this organization, and she was very interested. The neighbor shared many stories of how older dogs that stay in shelters can be turned into good company, with lots of love and care.

teen senior dogs adoption

Meena told CNN:

“More people should adopt older dogs. They give you the same unconditional love as any other dog.”

Meena understood what it was like to be abandoned, and she wanted to help these older dogs find a home with all the love they deserve. But despite her enthusiasm, there was a downside, and it was that Meena had to be at least 17 to volunteer at the shelter and was barely 12.

teen senior dogs adoption

But Meena was determined to do something to help, so she came up with a brilliant idea and started a fundraising business. She started out by posting an ad on the Nextdoor platform, offering pet sitting (daycare), which later became Pet Fairy Services.

So Meena began taking care of the pets of her neighbors and friends in her own home, in order to support Muttville with the proceeds.

teen senior dogs adoption

Meena said:

You’re never too young to start a business.

At a rate of $ 35 per day, and with a lot of work for over two years, Meena has managed to raise $ 7,000 for Muttville. That figure doubled to $ 14,000 thanks to a wonderful donation program from Intel, where her adoptive father works.

teen senior dogs adoption

According to the Intel website, this program encourages employees to donate money or labor to non-profit organizations. An initiative that has greatly helped Meena’s goal, and also becomes an example for more companies to use this program.

In this way, Meena has been able to contribute to the development of the shelter’s activities and, consequently, has made the task of finding a permanent home for the dogs easier.

teen senior dogs adoption

Meena said:

“We need your help and love more than ever.”

Meena plans to continue working to help Muttville, and hopes that many people will adopt older dogs abandoned in shelters during this pandemic.

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