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Belgian Shepherd Tervuren

Tervuren stands out among other Belgian shepherd dogs, as it has a more expressive exterior. He has a luxurious ripe coat, a strong build and amazing almond-shaped eyes. Like other shepherd dogs, Tervuren is a strong, hardy and intelligent dog and it is desirable that she could realize herself.

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Physical characteristics

In the FIFA, all types of Belgians are united under one standard. But in some countries, cynological organizations still recognize them as independent breeds.

All Belgians, including Tervuren, are quite large animals, although when compared with other giants of the canine world, they do not look so impressive. The growth of representatives of the breed varies, depending on sex – in males 60-66 cm, in bitches – 56-63 cm. Males weigh from 25 to 30 kg, while the maximum weight of females does not exceed 25 kg.


Distinctive features

  • Head: The head is beautiful, refined, well defined, which is typical of most North European sheepdogs. The skull is of medium width, the muzzle is slightly narrowed towards the nose, with a regular, straight nasal bridge and a large lobe with wide nostrils. The transition from forehead to nose is not abrupt, but clearly visible.
  • The lips are thin, tight, pigmented black. The jaw apparatus is strong, well-developed, with a full set of large, snow-white teeth, the bite is correct, scissor-shaped.
  • The eyes are small, oval or almond-shaped, of medium depth and set. The iris is dark brown or black. The dog looks directly, attentively, a vivid brilliance and intelligence are noticeable. The ears are triangular, erect, set high, facing forward.
  • The neck is long, strong, covered with powerful muscles, significantly widens towards the body.
  • The body is not heavy, slightly elongated, but not devoid of proportionality, with a well-defined withers and a broad, well-muscled back. The rib cage is of medium width, but noticeably pronounced.
  • The sternum passes in a smooth line in the belly, which is not too skinny, but also not sagging. The croup is wide, but moderately, with a slight slope.
  • The tail is set at the middle level, long, abundantly pubescent with thick fur. It is straight or slightly curved from the hock. Even during excitement, it does not rise high and does not bend.
  • Legs straight, parallel, not too long, well muscled, with compact legs, oval, arched, gathered in a ball. The pads are firm, with strong black nails.
  • Tervuren’s coat is thick, long, smooth, with a texture that is not too hard, but not too soft. Abundant coat forms the expressive appearance of these shepherd dogs, it forms a rich “collar” in the neck and feathers in the chest, peritoneum and limbs.

Character and behavior

Like most shepherd dogs, Tervurens are distinguished by high intelligence, the ability to independently make decisions and perform various jobs. If earlier they successfully completed various tasks on farms, today these shepherd dogs can be found in the police service.

They also make excellent guide dogs. Such versatility is associated with a set of their genetic qualities and high learning ability. Tervurens have always lived side by side with humans, so they do not have an innate aggressiveness towards people. A well-bred Belgian Shepherd Dog is peaceful, intelligent and polite.

The dog is friendly to the younger members of the family, however, despite great patience, he is not a nanny. And one more nuance – such a pet often does not accept other people’s children.

Tervuren can be kept with other animals – dogs and even cats, but only if he has been socialized. When a pet is introduced to other animals from childhood, as an adult, he will be very loyal to them. Otherwise, the shepherd may be jealous or show excessive interest in other species.


The Tervuren breed of dog is prone to certain diseases, although they are generally healthy and strong animals:

  • Obesity;
  • Oncological diseases;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Retinal atrophy of the progressive type;
  • Dysfunction of the thyroid gland;
  • Dysplasia of large joints.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that representatives of this breed have an increased sensitivity to anesthetic drugs.

Life expectancy

With proper care, the Tervuren Shepherd can live 12 to 14 years.


The long hair of the Tervuren should be brushed at least two to three times a week. These dogs shed a lot, and some people even knit socks, mittens and a scarf from this wool, which, by the way, is very warm and soft.

Eyes should be cleaned daily, ears 2-3 times a week, nails trimmed three times a month and washed at least once a week.

The Tervuren is not recommended for city or apartment living. He feels better in the countryside with work and enough space to move around, run, work and play safely.


It is important that the dog works, moves a lot, this will keep him in good physical shape and allow him to throw out excess energy.

History of the breed

The breed is believed to have originated in 1891, when veterinarian Adolf Riyul set about breeding a dog intended to become a national treasure. In work, he took dogs of approximately the same size and appearance, but with different colors and types of coats.

In 1907, the first standard was created, according to which the breed was divided into 4 types, each type being named after the names of the cities in which they were bred. The Belgian Shepherd Tervuren is the most elegant of the four.

Initially, dogs were used as shepherds, but during the wars their field of activity expanded, from tervurens they turned out to be excellent messengers, watchmen, riding and draft dogs. Today, this type of Belgian shepherd dog is used for grazing livestock, protecting homes and land, as well as for official purposes.


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