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Big dog breeds can bring a lot of joy to the family they love. Naturally, they, like any other dog breeds, have their pros and cons. On the positive side is their remarkable character – big dog breeds, with proper education, are usually very gentle, loyal and good-natured creatures. They are easy enough to train and do not require a lot of exercise. As for the disadvantages of keeping such dogs, they include quite large food costs, since such large-sized animals require an appropriate amount of food. Perhaps the most distressing factor is that big dog breeds often have a much shorter lifespan than their smaller cousins.

Despite the disadvantages and immense popularity of small dog breeds, many people prefer to have big dog breeds in their home, which will not only be a loyal and good friend to all family members, but also a reliable protector and guard of the territory.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the 30 big dog breeds – largest in the world. In compiling the rating, first of all, the average body weight of dogs of each breed was taken into account, as well as height at the withers (withers – the place on the spine between the shoulder blades, the highest point of the dog’s body). The top includes dog breeds with an average weight of males of at least 40 kg and an average height of at least 60 cm.

The Big Dog Breeds List

Big dog breeds Estrela Mountain Dog
Big Dog Breeds List: # 30 – Estrela Mountain Dog

30th place: Estrela Mountain Dog

Other name: Portuguese Shepherd

The oldest dog breed in the Iberian Peninsula, and one of the big dog breeds, was originally used as a herding dog. The average height of males at the withers is 65-72 cm, weight 40-50 kg, in bitches the height is 62-69 cm, weight 30-40 kg. In many coutries, dogs of this breed are little known, because rarely found outside Portugal. Those who want to get a dog of this breed should know that Estrel Shepherd Dogs are completely unsuitable for life in the city, but they are ideal as hunting dogs.

Big dog breeds Scottish Deerhound
Big Dog Breeds List: # 29 – Scottish Deerhound

The list of big dog breeds includes animals that are tall, strong bones, well-developed muscles and a solid body weight.

29th place: Scottish Deerhound

Other name: Deerhound

Another – uncommon dog – in our big dog breeds list and one of the oldest European hunting greyhound breeds, the mention of which was first recorded in Scottish chronicles in the 16th century. The average weight of males is 40-50 kg, bitches – 35-43 kg, the minimum height is 75 cm for males and 70 cm for bitches. Their tremendous flair and great reaction make deerhounds a natural hunter. They are very active, hardy, balanced, love children, can be trained easily and easily remember commands.

Big dog breeds Cane Corso
Big Dog Breeds List: # 28 – Cane Corso

28th place: Cane Corso

Other name: Italian Mastiff

A breed from Italy, tracing its roots from the dogs used in the war by the ancient Romans. Cane Corso is focused on protection and protection. The average height of males is from 64 to 72 cm, weight is 45-50 kg. The average height of bitches is 60-64 cm, weight 40-45 kg, data that make the Cane Corso name in the big dog breeds list.

Big dog breeds Borzoi
Big Dog Breeds List: # 27 – Borzoi

27th place: Borzoi

Other names:Russian wolfhound, Russian hunting sighthound

This is a breed of hunting dogs, originating in the 17th century. Height at withers in males from 75 to 86 cm, bitches – 68 to 78 cm.Weight 36-61 kg.

When we first see the Borzoi, one may say that this dog should be first at the big dog breeds list, however, and according to the criteria mentioned in the beginning, he’s at this ranking.

Big dog breeds Dogo Argentino
Big Dog Breeds List: # 26 – Dogo Argentino

26th place: Dogo Argentino

Other name: Argentine Dogo

The Dogo Argentino is a hunting dog breed, bred in Argentina in the 20s of the 20th century. Average weight of males 45-65 kg, bitches 40-55 kg. Average height: males 60-68 cm, females 60-65 cm.

Big dog breeds American Akita
Big Dog Breeds List: # 25 – American Akita

Big dog breeds always make a strong impression, look serious and status.

25th place: American Akita

Other name: Large Japanese dog

It is a dog breed that arose in the USA after World War II on the basis of the ancient Japanese Akita Inu breed (it was to this breed that the famous Hachiko dog belonged). Americans and Canadians do not consider the American Akita as a separate breed, holding the opinion that the American and Japanese Akita are two varieties of the same Akita breed. Males of the American Akita breed weigh 45-66 kg with a height of 66-71 cm, bitches weigh 36-54 kg and a height of 61-66 cm. Japanese Akitas are shorter and lighter.

Big dog breeds South Russian Ovcharka
Big Dog Breeds List: # 24 – South Russian Ovcharka

24th place: South Russian Ovcharka

Other name: South Russian Sheepdog

A shepherd breed, bred by the landowner Falts-Fein (1863-1920) in the south of Ukraine. There is an opinion that the ancestors of this breed were brought from Germany, and the breed itself is identical with the Old Germanic, Old French and Old English Shepherd Dogs (this type of shepherd dog almost disappeared in Europe, but in our country, thanks to large sheep breeding, they multiplied as guardians from wolves and survived). The average height of males is 65–66 cm, bitches are 62–66 cm, the average weight of dogs of both sexes is from 48 to 50 kg. This dog is not suitable for the elderly and people with poor health, as it requires an active lifestyle.

Big dog breeds The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Big Dog Breeds List: # 23 – Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

23rd place: The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

This dog breed is native to the Swiss Alps. The growth of males of this breed is 65-72 cm, weight 50-64 kg, bitches height 60-69 cm, weight 48-54 kg. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is not suitable for city life, it needs space, fresh air and physical activity.

Big dog breeds Dogue de Bordeaux
Big Dog Breeds List: # 22 – Dogue de Bordeaux

22nd place: Dogue de Bordeaux

This dog is an ancient French dog breed belonging to the group of mastiffs. In the Middle Ages, they were used as hunting and fighting dogs, and today they are known for their excellent watchdog qualities and calm, benevolent nature. The minimum weight for these powerful, muscular animals is 45 kg in bitches and 52 kg in males. The height at the withers in females varies from 57 to 65 cm, in males – from 60 to 69 cm.

Big dog breeds Bullmastiff
Big Dog Breeds List: # 21 – Bullmastiff

21st place: Bullmastiff

This is a large breed of domestic dogs, bred by English gamekeepers in the 19th century for the purpose of protecting estates. The growth of bullmastiff males at the withers ranges from 64 to 71 cm, weight – from 50 to 59 kg. Bitches weigh on average from 45 to 54 kg, and their height varies from 61 to 66 cm. Brave, loyal, calm and balanced – this is how the character of bullmastiffs can be described. They are very disciplined, docile animals, easy to train and, possessing an excellent sense of smell, are wonderful bloodhounds.

Many people think that big dog breeds are very angry, aggressive, but this is not at all the case. Animals are much smarter than humans, they will never throw themselves at humans for no particular reason, but even if they are angry, they rarely attack.

Big dog breeds Black Russian Terrier
Big Dog Breeds List: # 20 – Black Russian Terrier

Big dog breeds often perform service and guard functions. Among them there are also hunting and herding breeds.

20th place: Black Russian Terrier

This is a service dog breed bred in the USSR. The average weight of males is 50-60 kg, height is 72-78 cm, for bitches the indicators are as follows: weight 45-50 kg, height 68-74. This dog is not for sitting on a chain. The Russian black terrier needs constant communication with the owner, the family in which he lives.

Big dog breeds Kangal
Big Dog Breeds List: # 19 – Kangal

19th place: Kangal

Other name: Anatolian Shepherd Dog

An ancient breed of dogs originally from Eastern Anatolia, Turkey, where it is still very highly regarded as a shepherd’s guard dog. The height at the withers, depending on the gender, can vary from 71 to 81 cm, weight – from 40 to 65 kg. Kangals are very loyal, obedient, energetic, child-loving, have a sharp mind and are easy to train.

Big dog breeds Komondor
Big Dog Breeds List: # 18 – Komondor

18th place: Komondor

Other name: Hungarian Shepherd Dog

Is a large breed of shepherd dogs, known for their unusual appearance. Its massive body is covered with long white wool, rolled in original cords. The average height of males is 70-80 cm, females – 65-70 cm, the mass of the former ranges from 50 to 60 kg, and the second – from 40 to 50 kg. Smart and balanced Komondors are used as guard dogs, they are very affectionate and loyal, they easily adapt to life in urban conditions.

Big dog breeds Pyrenean Mountain Dog
Big Dog Breeds List: # 17 – Pyrenean Mountain Dog

17th place: Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Other name: Great Pyrenees

A breed of large service dogs originating from France. For hundreds of years, this breed has been used by shepherds to guard livestock on the steep slopes of the Pyrenees. These gentle, strong-willed, good-natured and intelligent dogs are robust and elegant. The height of males ranges from 70-81 cm, weight – 50-54 kg, as for bitches, their height at the withers is 65-75 cm, and their weight is 36-41 kg.

Big dog breeds Buryat-Mongolian wolfhound
Big Dog Breeds List: # 16 – Buryat-Mongolian wolfhound

16th place: Buryat-Mongolian wolfhound

Other name: khotosho

An ancient breed of dogs, widespread in Buryatia and adjacent territories. According to the breed standard, males must be at least 74 cm, females at least 66 cm. Weight – from 45 to 70 kg.

Dogs of this breed have long lived at Buddhist monasteries and guarded herds of cattle, camels, flocks of sheep. Buryats and Mongols often used these dogs for hunting. Now the hotosho is a guard and guard dog, a companion and a bodyguard, used in the search for people in emergency situations.

Big dog breeds Caucasian Shepherd Dog
Big Dog Breeds List: # 15 – Caucasian Shepherd Dog

15th place: Caucasian Shepherd Dog

One of the oldest breeds, whose homeland is the Caucasus. Representatives of this breed are characterized by a strong type of constitution and rather large growth. The height at the withers, depending on the sex of the animal, varies from 64 to 75 cm, and the weight of adults is 45-90 kg. Caucasian Shepherd Dogs have a decisive and courageous character, distrustful of strangers. They are distinguished by special endurance and undemandingness, they are able to adapt to any climatic conditions.

Big dog breeds Kuvasz
Big Dog Breeds List: # 14 – Kuvasz

Big dog breeds can be a great friend and companion, because the bigger the dog, the more fun!

14th place: Kuvasz

Is an ancient breed of service dogs of Hungarian origin. In the Middle Ages, their status was so high that only persons of royal blood or persons close to them were allowed to have a dog of this breed. The weight of the males ranges from 48-90 kg, the height at the withers is 70-76 cm, the average weight of the bitches is 34-68 kg, the height is 65-70 cm. Kuvasses are strong, brave, loyal dogs, which are very easy to keep.

Big dog breeds Irish wolfhound
Big Dog Breeds List: # 13 – Irish wolfhound

13th place: Irish wolfhound

Is a large breed of hunting dogs, which arose as a result of crossing dogs brought by the Celts to Ireland with local pickling dogs. Bears the status of one of the tallest dog breeds in the world. According to existing standards, the minimum height should be 79 cm (males) and 71 cm (females), and the minimum weight should be 54.5 kg and 40.5 kg. Despite their imposing size, Irish wolfhounds are by nature very quiet and calm creatures. They are loyal and loving dogs, get along well with children and are relatively well trained.

Big dog breeds Neapolitan Mastiff
Big Dog Breeds List: # 12 – Neapolitan Mastiff

12th place: Neapolitan Mastiff

Other name: Mastino Napoletano

This is a service breed of dogs that appeared in the south of the Apennine Peninsula in ancient times. Since ancient times they have been used as guard dogs. Neapolitan Mastiffs have a strong, rough type of constitution. The height at the withers in bitches is 60-74 cm, in males – 65-79 cm. The weight of males ranges from 60 to 70 kg, bitches – from 50 to 60 kg. In addition to good guarding qualities, representatives of this breed are known for their playful and very friendly character in a homely atmosphere.

Big dog breeds Central Asian Shepherd Dog
Big Dog Breeds List: # 11 – Central Asian Shepherd Dog

11th place: Central Asian Shepherd Dog

Other names: Turkmen wolfhound – Alabai

An ancient breed of dogs, originally from the regions of Central Asia. The average height at the withers in males is 70-75 cm, in bitches – 65-69 cm. Weight can range from 50 to 80 kg in males and from 40 to 65 kg in bitches. Dogs of this breed do an excellent job with the guard and security service. Although the Alabai appear to be clumsy, slow and very calm, they have an explosive nature, excellent reflexes and a strong muscular body.

Big dog breeds Leonberger
Big Dog Breeds List: # 10 – Leonberger

10th place: Leonberger

Is a large breed of dogs, bred in 1846 in the German city of Leonberg by crossing St. Bernards, Newfoundlands and Pyrenean shepherds. The growth of males ranges from 72-80 cm, and the weight is 54-77 kg. Bitches weigh 45-61 kg, height at withers 65-75 cm. The Leonberger is a large and attractive dog type. They have a unique personality that has earned them a reputation for being the ideal family dog ​​with a special love for children. Representatives of the breed are characterized as loyal, intelligent, easily trainable, reasonable dogs with excellent guard qualities.

Big dog breeds Moscow watchdog
Big Dog Breeds List: # 9 – Moscow watchdog

9th place: Moscow watchdog

A large working dog bred in the 50s of the 20th century in Russia by crossing the following breeds: Caucasian Shepherd Dog, St. Bernard, Russian Pied Hound. According to breed standards, the preferred height for males is 77-78 cm (minimum height 68 cm), the preferred height for bitches is 72-73 cm (minimum 66 cm), the minimum weight for males is 60 kg, for bitches is 45 kg. The Moscow Watchdog is a self-confident, balanced, independent and sociable dog. Has excellent watchdog and security qualities. These dogs do not know fear and never back down.

Big dog breeds Boerboel
Big Dog Breeds List: # 8 – Boerboel

Big dog breeds are fairly easy to train. However, before you get such a “voluminous” four-legged friend, you will have to estimate the future costs of his food and care.

8th place: Boerboel

This dog is a breed of service dogs with excellent guarding qualities, bred in South Africa in the 17th century. It is a large, hardy, powerful dog with good reflexes and plasticity. The growth of males at the withers is 64-70 cm, bitches – 59-65 cm, the weight of both sexes ranges from 70 to 90 kg. Boerboels need constant attention and care, which will consist not only in affection, but also in regular training and physical activity.

Big dog breeds Newfoundland
Big Dog Breeds List: # 7 – Newfoundland

7th place: Newfoundland

This is a popular giant dog breed, native to the northeastern coast of Canada. They were originally used as working dogs for fishermen. Their webbed feet, water-repellent coat and innate swimming ability make Newfoundlands great lifeguards. Males usually weigh 60-70 kg, females 45-55 kg. Some members of the breed are known to have weighed over 90 kg. The largest Newfoundland record holder weighed 120 kg. The growth of males ranges from 69-75 cm, and females – 63-68 cm. They are known for their gigantic size, enormous strength and extremely affectionate character. In addition, they have high intelligence and the ability to make independent decisions.

As for the enormous strength, this is not an exaggeration: the strongest dog in proportion to its own weight is a Newfoundland named Barbara Allens Dark Hans, weighing 44 kg, who dragged 2289 kg on a concrete surface in Botella (USA) on July 20, 1979.

Big dog breeds Tibetan Mastiff
Big Dog Breeds List: # 6 – Tibetan Mastiff

6th place: Tibetan Mastiff

Is one of the most ancient breeds, which served in the monasteries of Tibet as a guard dog, and also accompanied nomads in the Himalayan mountains. Height at the withers: males – 66-81 cm, females – 61-71 cm. The weight of males varies from 60 to 82 kg, bitches – from 40 to 60 kg. The Tibetan Mastiff is a very calm, restrained, obedient dog, combining the ability to guard the house and be a good friend to the family in which he lives. The main distinguishing feature of the breed is its amazing cleanliness (somewhat similar to that of a cat). Interesting fact: Hong Dong, a Tibetan Mastiff breed, is the most expensive dog in the world, for which a Chinese coal magnate paid € 1.5 million.

Big dog breeds Great Dane
Big Dog Breeds List: # 5 – Great Dane

5th place: Great Dane

The greta dane is the tallest dog in the world – in the big dog breeds list. The minimum height of males at the withers is 80 cm, bitches – 72 cm, the weight of males can range from 54 to 91 kg, the weight of bitches is 45-59 kg. The record holder of this breed is the gigantic Great Dane from Michigan named Zeus, whose height is 111.8 cm, and standing on its hind legs, it reaches 2.2 m in height. The giant’s weight is 70.3 kg.

These large dogs combine power and nobility, strength and elegance. Great Danes can be described as kind, affectionate, loyal and obedient dogs.

Big dog breeds Pyrenean Mastiff
Big Dog Breeds List: # 4 – Pyrenean Mastiff

4th place: Pyrenean Mastiff

Is a breed of giant dogs, originally from Aragon, Spain. Originating in southwestern Europe in the company of Asian traders, this breed was originally used as herding dogs. Pyrenean Mastiffs are very large dogs: the height of males is 77-81 cm, bitches – 72-75 cm. The average weight is 70-81 kg, although you can often find males weighing more than 100 kg. The Pyrenean Mastiffs are known for being extremely intelligent and reliable dogs. Due to the remarkable qualities that are inherent in dogs of this breed, today they are often used as bodyguards and guards.

Big dog breeds St. Bernard
Big Dog Breeds List: # 3 – St. Bernard

With proper care and education, big dog breeds delight the owners with their calm, kind and affectionate character.

3rd place: St. Bernard

St. Bernard is a gigantic breed of dogs originating from working dogs from the Italian and Swiss Alps, which were originally bred as rescuers. They are very strong, large dogs, the height of which is 65-80 cm in bitches and 70-90 cm in males. According to breed standards, the weight of the St. Bernard should be over 80 kg, the most common are dogs over 80 cm tall and weighing over 100 kg. St. Bernard named Benedictine, who weighed 166.4 kg, went down in history as the heaviest dog. Another St. Bernard named Major F. was recognized as the longest dog in the world, its length was 2 meters 59 cm. Calm, sensitive and friendly character makes the St. Bernards ideal companions.

Big dog breeds Spanish Mastiff
Big Dog Breeds List: # 2 – Spanish Mastiff

2nd place: Spanish Mastiff

The Spanish Mastiff is a giant dog breed native to Extremadura, Spain. The breed was originally used to guard livestock from wolves and other predators. The growth of a male Spanish Mastiff ranges from 77-88 cm, weight – 80-120 kg, the height of the bitch at the withers is 72-88 cm, weight – 70-100 kg. This noble giant will be a great friend to all family members and a reliable guardian of the house.

Big dog breeds English Mastiff
Big Dog Breeds List: # 1 – English Mastiff

The big dog breeds list also include giant dogs, growing up to 75 cm and above, weighing from 45 kg.

1st place: English Mastiff

The list of the big dog breeds could not end without mentionning the largest dog at all. The English Mastiff is an old English breed of dog that bears the status of the largest dog breed in the world. The average height of these giants is 69-91 cm, and the weight can vary from 68 to 110 kg in males and from 54 to 91 kg in bitches. The record holder of this breed is a huge English mastiff named Aikama Zorbo, who entered the Guinness Book of Records, with a height of 94 cm and a weight of 155.58 kg. Mastiff aristocrats are known for their power, courage, poise and peacefulness. They do an excellent job of both the watchdog role and the companion dog role.

Below are some helpful tips for caring for big dog breeds:

  • Every day it is worth loading the pet with physical exercises, he must run, jump, do various tricks, exercises. It is good for his body, muscles, development;
  • Exercises should be carried out on special sites. Normal walks on the street will not work for a representative of big dog breeds;
  • For feeding, it is worth using special foods that should be suitable for age;
  • Carefully monitor the figure of the pet, do not overfeed it. Do not allow the development of obesity, it is dangerous for the health of the dog;
  • During the moulting period, the dog needs to be combed out every day;
  • Do not forget about the necessary vaccinations. The pet must be regularly brought to an appointment with a veterinarian.
  • If you strictly follow the requirements and follow the rules of maintenance, then the pet will develop normally and please with success. But it is still worth treating him as a full-fledged member of the family.

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