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The black cat has been waiting at the shelter for 593 days, even though he has a wonderful character. He was born with the wrong fur

She doesn’t bring bad luck, she hasn’t crossed paths with anyone and yet she still doesn’t have a home. A black cat named Saltine is the homeless animal shelter’s oldest resident. The problem is the color of his fur. The purring blends into the background so much that everyone passes by it indifferently.

The number of animals in shelters continues to increase. Most of them have black fur

The problem of homelessness among animals is not a new phenomenon, since many people who decide to acquire a dog or cat are not aware of the enormity of the responsibilities and obligations that arise from the fact to care for a living being. Without teaching the animal appropriate behavior, they expect the animal to learn on its own how to live alongside a human, which often leads to their dream pet becoming a home decoration. interior or a soft toy. Even though a shelter is often an abandoned animal’s only chance of survival and the employees provide excellent care, it is not a good place to spend the rest of its life.

The worst situation is found among black animals, which are burdened with some kind of curse. They wait the longest for housing and often age, spending their entire lives behind bars. One of these animals is a cat named Saltine, who has been waiting for her hero for almost 600 days. Employees at the Tuscarawas Humane Society in Ohio are trying to find a good home for the black cat, but despite their efforts, the animal still lives in the shelter. An ordinary but miraculously saved cat is waiting for someone to notice him.

The black cat has been waiting at the shelter for 593 days

The black cat has been looking for a new home for 19 months. Why is he so unlucky?

Saltine arrived at the shelter in June 2022. The cat, bitten by fleas and showing skin inflammation, was in very poor condition. His fur was left in the hands of veterinarians. Thanks to the care of his keepers and a lot of love, the animal recovered.

The cat loves to be petted. He requires attention and, despite long months spent in a shelter, he remains a little cat who loves to play. Secured by the establishment’s staff, chipped and sterilized, she is an ideal cat for adoption. Does her black color mean she still has so much bad luck?

The black cat has been waiting at the shelter for 593 days

A black animal brings bad luck. Is color important?

People are afraid of black dogs and cats, and the reason for this phenomenon is human prejudice towards animals with darker fur. Antediluvian beliefs gave these creatures a bad image, as they were seen as the embodiment of the power of evil. Their chances of finding a home are also reduced by their “unattractive” appearance, because compared to light-colored creatures, they look worse in photos and attract less attention. In some countries, due to their appearance, these animals are simply euthanized because they “take” the place of animals who can more easily find a new family.

Contrary to popular belief, a black cat does not bring bad luck! Unfortunately, this way of thinking means that black pets wait an average of 4.5 days longer for their new owners than other pets. A significant number of pets know no other life than that spent behind bars, in a small box.

Foundations that care for animals try to compensate for the stay of dogs and cats in shelters by finding them temporary homes. Through their actions, they want to make the animals feel what a real home is, at least for a moment of their solitude. However, sometimes innocent animals wait too long for their humans. Maybe you could change at least one?

The black cat has been waiting at the shelter for 593 days

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