My Cat Does Not Sleep At Night. How To Establish A Routine

The Cat Does Not Sleep At Night

The increased activity of cats at night causes a lot of problems for owners. Yet, all you have to do is lie down and prepare to plunge into a sweet dream, and the cat will crush you, without feeling any remorse.

Correcting such behavior of animals is quite difficult. That’s why, in our article, we decided to look at the most common causes of cat nocturnal bacchanalia and discuss how you can stop them.

Activities of cats at night

So, first of all, it must be recognized that cats are nocturnal animals. The activity of cats at night is divided into night games and morning exercises.

Cat night games

Let’s take a closer look at why the animal shows increased activity at night. Nocturnal games become part of the life of cats who do not have a daily routine. After all, just like a person, an animal needs a clear diet. The cat tries to adapt to the rhythm in which the owner exists. If a person sleeps until noon and watches TV until late at night, what can you expect from a cat? The animal must have a clear diet and rest regime. For example, feeding takes place strictly at 8 a.m., 12 p.m. and 8 p.m. And he can only run from 8 to 21 hours.

Not all owners are strict with their pets and behave inconsistently: for the same infraction, they can be reprimanded or ignored. Such selectivity confuses the animal and cats believe that they have the right to behave as they wish. Don’t make those kinds of mistakes. Be regular and consistent in the prohibitions, only then will the animal understand what is being asked of it.

If during the day the animal has not exhausted its energy reserve, then how not to be active at night? He must run and play at night. Try to occupy your cat during the day, play with him, offer special toys so that he can entertain himself while you are at work.

At night, on the contrary, hide toys, close doors, remove rustling packages from the access area, etc.

Morning activity of cats

Your pet wakes up early in the morning for several reasons:

  • The animal is bored and asks to be entertained
  • The cat is hungry and urges the owner to give the morning portion of food
  • Excess tenderness. Incredible, but true: it is in the morning that cats especially need affection and attention.

You can control your pet’s morning activity by arranging independent entertainment for it. For example, open the exit to the glazed balcony for the cat, where the animal can watch passers-by on the street.

Coordinate your pet’s feeding time so that in the morning the cat does not feel a strong feeling of hunger.

Do not pet the animal until after you have woken up. Don’t react to a cat asking to be petted at 5 a.m. The animal must understand: while the owner is sleeping, he must not be disturbed.

Don’t do this!

And finally, a few words about what is absolutely impossible to do when raising a cat.

  1. Do not spray the animal with water from a spray bottle.
  2. Do not throw slippers, pillows or other objects at the cat.
  3. Don’t be provoked by tailed handlers. Stand firm.

Your aggressiveness will not help establish mutual understanding with the cat. Be patient, tactful and consistent. And then the animal will gently sniff next to you at night. Well, at least it won’t disturb your sleep!


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