The cat greets its owner every day with the most adorable ways

The cat greets its owner every day with the most adorable ways

This cat certainly behaves against all stereotypes and conventions. The way he greets his owner every day is heartwarming and remains the dream of many cat lovers. A video published online showing a good dose of tenderness given by the cat to its caregiver returning home has enjoyed dizzying success.

Friendship with a cat exists – you just need to take the right approach

The stereotypes that have circulated for years about cats have led us to believe that they are autonomous animals that go their own way and that it is impossible to make friends with them. The truth is, however, that cats have a highly developed emotional sphere: they are exceptionally sensitive and emotional, and socialization is a need of their species.

The process of creating a close relationship with your furry friend is not always easy. The situation is slightly easier when taming a young kitten, but it is not impossible for an adult cat. To deepen the bond with your animal, you must above all be patient and know them well. Observing the cat’s attitudes and, therefore, reading the signals it sends, determining its preferences, ensuring its sense of security and the time spent playing together are undoubtedly the key to success in building a solid relationship .

A video of a cat waiting for its owner was published online

Every cat lover wants to be their pet’s best friend. This man has undoubtedly succeeded. The way the cat greets him every day defies all conventions and is at the same time very touching.

One of the social networking sites posted a video of a charming red and white kitten, which, hearing the footsteps of its owner returning home, eagerly flutters around the entrance. As soon as the door opens, the eager animal runs as quickly as possible towards its owner, but that’s not all.

The cat greets its owner in a unique way. The recording became a success

In the next part of the shared video, we see how the cat begins to climb on the man’s body with its nimble paws, and when he is in his arms, it begins to cover him with a solid dose of tenderness and caresses. The owner does not remain indifferent and reciprocates the feelings in the form of kisses. We guarantee this is one of the cutest sites you’ve seen recently.

The recording with the participation of this well-coordinated duo quickly proved to be a success. It has already been viewed by more than 5.3 million users and this number continues to grow. There is no denying that this show can soften the heart of almost anyone who watches it. In the comments below the post, Internet users shared their opinions and amusing interpretations of the situation:

@stratos_tin #fyp ###fy #mpesfypgamw #catsoftiktok ♬ πρωτότυπος ήχος – Stratos Tinellis

“The cat said, “Come here, stupid”;

“It’s just great”;

“Where were you? No notes! The car is gone! You could have died!”;

“Such a lovely welcome”;

“Proof that a cat can also be man’s best friend.”


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