The cat started acting weird. He was supposed to be sick, but the real reason is surprising

The cat started acting weird

A black and white cat named Helen has been acting out of character for some time. Fearing the worst, Harry Jones, 25, took her to the vet. The diagnosis dispelled all doubts – the cat turned out to be a real specimen of health, but she was simply fed up with her guardian.

Have you ever paid for a private visit to a specialist only to find out that you or your loved ones are fine? A Salford Quays cat owner has found out the hard way (and his wallet) that animals are great actors with lots of tricks up their sleeve.

The owner took the “sick” cat to the vet

Harry Jones, 25, began to worry seriously about the health of his charge. Her cat Helen became restless, meowing loudly and scratching at the front door to get out.

The cat started acting weird
Image: Triangle News

Although the cat charge was only nine months old and had various antics, she had never behaved the same way before. The climax came when Helen started peeing on the bed and floor in her caretaker’s room.

Suspecting the cat might be suffering from a bladder infection or some other mysterious illness, Harry quickly made an urgent vet appointment. Arranging the animal for testing cost him £50, (about 65 dollars).

Upon arrival at the veterinary clinic, the doctor carefully examined Helen, but did not diagnose any abnormalities in her body. But he had a very important question for his owner.

“The vet asked me if anything had changed recently and I explained that I had had eardrum surgery a few weeks ago so I was recovering at home,” Harry Jones told the Mirror.

The cat started acting weird
Image: Triangle News

A brief explanation of the situation was enough for the vet to connect the dots and understand what the problem was.

The cat needed space

The vet explained that by changing Helen’s daily routine, the cat got tired of seeing Harry around the house all day and started letting him know he needed alone time.

Harry was amused by the diagnosis and spent an extra £30 on gadgets and toys to try and calm his charge. He added that he hopes they can mend their relationship once he fully recovers from his surgery and returns to work at the office. “Helen is usually pretty nice and likes to sleep in my bed with me, but apparently she just got a little bored with me,” the 25-year-old notes.

The cat started acting weird
Image: Triangle News

It seems that pets can also become grumpy when they are fed up with their family’s presence. Caregivers should therefore create safe hiding places for them, to which they can escape at any time if necessary.

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