The Dog Cowered In The Corner Whenever Someone Reached Out To Her. The Psychological Scars Were Much Deeper

The Dog Cowered In The Corner

When buying a purebred dog, it is very important that it comes from a registered kennel, as there are places that are mostly for profit, where bitches are only used as machines to give birth to litters. following. Such a sad reality was experienced by a chihuahua, which, fortunately, was eventually taken into the care of an animal rescue organization. Unfortunately, the conditions she was held in for years made her terrified of people. One of the employees decided to change that.

It has long been known that in the case of injured animals it is much more difficult to heal the scars left on the psyche than those on the body. That’s exactly what happened with this little dog. Seeing that someone was coming towards her, she wanted to hide in the farthest corner.

The puppy was terrified of being alone with a human

The National Mill Dog Rescue organization in Colorado in the United States shared the story of a 3-year-old Chihuahua on their social media. The animal came to them straight from the kennel, which definitely did not have the conditions worthy of living for quadrupeds.

For more than three years, the dog was kept there only to give birth to other litters, which the owners no doubt took advantage of. However, no one paid attention to the fact that the quadruped was terrified of the surrounding conditions, and worse, it was not even used to human contact.

She avoided human contact as much as she could

Harleigh – because that was the dog’s name, when one of the rescuers tried to approach her she quickly ducked into the furthest corner of her enclosure. Everyone immediately realized that getting him used to the presence of a human will certainly not be the easiest task.

However, the man did not give up. He decided to sit in the pen and wait for the dog to understand that nothing bad was going to happen to him. His goal was to convince Chihuahuas that contact with people can even be pleasant. After a while, they were joined by a dog of the same breed, which was also taken away from its torturers.

Finally, Harleigh overcame her fear

One day, when the rescuer came to visit the dog, she approached him. One of the organization’s employees had a phone with him to record this defining moment in his life. It was hard for everyone to hold back their tears as the dog approached and wanted to cuddle.

Shortly after, the Chihuahua was placed with an adoptive family. Thanks to the patience of the rescuer, she became an affectionate dog who enjoyed human contact. While she definitely needed time to learn to live by his side, she understood that not everyone had such bad intentions as the breeder who had treated her so horribly.

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