The Dog Has Been Sniffing The Ground For 2 Weeks. When The Door Is Open To Him, Nothing Is The Same

the dog has been sniffing the ground for 2 weeks

Having a fearful dog is a huge challenge. Some pets are extremely fearful. This was the case with Robby. He is a beautiful and very kind dog, but unfortunately, he was afraid of literally all animals for a long time. The fear was so overwhelming that the dog did not want to leave the house at all. His owners wanted to convince him that it was worth overcoming his fear. They succeeded thanks to the help of a mysterious being.

The dog was terrified of other animals

Robby is a medium sized white and brown dog with a big heart. His sensitivity touches everyone who comes into contact with him. Unfortunately, this characteristic made it very difficult for him to lead a normal life.

The quadruped experienced a lot of stress on a daily basis, in completely normal situations for other animals. Robby couldn’t bond with any animal because he was afraid of every dog he encountered.

His fear grew day by day. At some point, the dog started refusing to go for a walk. The owners knew they had to do something. They decided to show Robby that not all animals are scary.

Robby knew something big was going on

One day Robby noticed there was a new smell in the house. Also, one of the rooms, which he could freely enter, suddenly closed. The dog could not contain his curiosity. He spent his days with his nose glued to the door. He felt there was someone new there.

Robby’s guardians decided to get another pet, a cat named Carl. They hoped that having a new pet in the house would give Robby courage.

The whole process of introducing Carl into Robby’s life took 15 days. Due to his state of health, the cat had to be quarantined. However, this was a time when both animals could get used to each other’s scents and get to know each other “from a distance”.

The keepers knew that friendship between a cat and a dog is possible. Additionally, cats can show support for dogs that can’t handle their emotions.

The cat and the dog had a special friendship

The idea turned out to be a success! Already after the first meeting of Robby and Carl, it was obvious that the animals loved each other. Since then, they have spent a lot of time together.

Moreover, the presence of Carl is a real support for Robby. The dog finally dared to come out again. Of course, in the company of his best feline friend, who travels in a backpack specially adapted to his needs.

The relationship of animals arouses the admiration of many Internet users. Many of them do not hide that they envy animals such a beautiful friendship.

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