The dogs’ excitement was endless. All this when they heard what the purpose of the trip was

dogs excitement was endless

There are many ways to express happiness, but these dogs’ reaction was astonishing. The dogs’ excitement didn’t end when the owner told them the purpose of their trip together. The car video won the hearts of many viewers.

The dogs were incredibly excited when they learned their destination

Dogs express joy in different ways. This can manifest itself through changes in our pet’s body, for example a relaxed body, dilated pupils, as well as through behaviors, such as wagging the tail or showing initiative in playing.

The way these four German shorthaired pointers expressed their positive emotions was astonishing. The excitement was reaching its peak, all after they discovered…the destination of the trip. The owner decided to take them to his beloved park, and the decision to record the route in the car turned out to be a target.

Registering dogs makes you smile. You watch at your own risk

When the dogs’ owner informed them that the trip destination was their favorite park, they became overjoyed. The animals were extremely excited, they could not hold back their emotions, happily running around the car and barking. The recording shows the dogs were unable to wait for their arrival and were able to leave the vehicle.

The decision to immortalize the trip in video form turned out to be a great idea. The video makes people laugh out loud and infects viewers with smiles. See for yourself.

German Shorthaired Pointer – characteristic traits of the breed

German Shorthaired Pointer
Crédit : Depositphotos

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a breed of dog particularly dedicated to owners who enjoy an active lifestyle. These animals love to exercise and be in close contact with nature. They have an innate ability to hunt.

In addition to its love of sport, this species is characterized by extraordinary intelligence. As we can see in the video above, dogs automatically react to information about a visit to their favorite park. They immediately show boundless excitement and joy. This is not surprising, as outdoor activities are a real rarity for pointing dogs.


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