The Main Differences Between French Bulldog And Boston Terrier


The French bulldog has stood out as one of the most popular dogs in many countries in recent years. With that, due to a great physical similarity, the Boston terrier ends up being quite confused with him, but be aware that the breeds are quite different, especially when the theme is “personality”. Know a little more about these dogs so animated and incredible and see their main differences.

Both, the Boston terrier and the French bulldog like to play, spend energy and make friends. With that, both dogs become quite adaptable to different types of families. These dogs cling to their owners with ease and are very loving.

Differences French Bulldog Boston Terrier
Differences Between French Bulldog And Boston Terrier

Physical shape

When you put a Boston terrier and a French bulldog side by side, you can see that their size is quite different. The terrier’s physical structure is thinner and its legs are longer. In addition, his body is thinner and his muscles are less “swollen”.

In the other hand, the French Bulldog is a muscular and stocky dog ​​whose size varies between small and medium.

The French bulldog is around 4 kgs heavier. While the Boston terrier weighs 11 kg, the French bulldog weighs 15 kg.


If we analyze the physiognomy of these two dogs, we will see that they also have many similarities. Both faces have wrinkles and bulging eyes. Even so, it is still possible to notice some differences, especially in the shape of the muzzle and ears.

The Boston terrier has a muzzle without wrinkles and less flat than that of its “twin”. In turn, the French bulldog has many wrinkles on the snout and a much more noticeable flattening.

Large, erect ears, flattened snout, rounded and prominent eyes are some of the similarities between the French Bulldog and Boston Terrier breeds. In addition to the appearance, the history of the dogs intersects: both have the English Bulldog as their ancestor.

Even with popularity, many people are still confused when it comes to identifying whether a dog is a French Bulldog or Boston Terrier. Know the main differences between these dogs.

French bulldog

French Bulldog
French Bulldog

From small to medium size the French Bulldog is a stocky and muscular dog. It has a broad, slightly square head. What draws the most attention in appearance are the large, erect, hard and rounded ears at the tip. In addition to the flattened snout, the specimens have folds and wrinkles on the face.

Regarding temperament, this dog has enough energy to play indoors, but does not accompany the owner in a run on the street, for example. Despite being affectionate, they usually show dominance and this can be a problem in living together at home.

Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier
Boston Terrier

In turn, the Boston Terrier has medium size, longer legs and leaner. The body is thinner and less muscular than that of the French Bulldog. The head has a more rounded shape and the face has no wrinkles or folds. The ears are large and erect, have a pointed tip and are relatively soft.

This dog is known for being a calm and obedient dog, very affectionate and lovable. He is always trying to please his family – which makes him an easy to train pet. Hardly a specimen will be seen attacking a person or another animal. They usually have enough energy to play, but they are not lovers of physical exercises.

Thus, the French Bulldog and Boston Terrier breeds may look similar, but they have many physical and behavioral characteristics that differentiate them.