The perfect toy for a dog? You don’t even know you have it at home! Your pet will never be bored

The perfect toy for a dog

The owner of a charming boxer named Draco showed how to make a sniffing toy for a dog with her own hands. For this you need something that you always have at home. Find out how to turn household waste into a gadget your pet will love.

Dog toys cost a fortune. There is a cheaper solution!

Dogs, just like humans, hate being bored. Additionally, for many people, daily walks are not a sufficient form of physical and mental activity. Play should be an integral part of every pet’s life, which is why pet stores offer a variety of gadgets designed to keep pets entertained. However, there is no denying that many of them are expensive and many dogs lose interest in the toy after a few days and rely on something new.

For the convenience of your wallet and your pet, it’s worth making your own toy gadget from time to time. It turns out that making your own scent toy can take just a minute. In addition, you only need a few treats and something that each of us always has at home and throws into the trash bag without hesitation.

The perfect toy for a dog – makes it yourself. All you need is a few gifts and a roll of paper

Different types of scent activities are attractive, developing and calming for dogs. It is therefore worth regularly encouraging your pet to use their nose. So-called olfactory toys can contribute to this.

The owner of a charming boxer named Draco showed how to easily prepare a scented gadget for her pet. You only need two things, snacks and a roll of toilet paper or paper towels. Fold the cardboard roll at one end to create a flat surface. Then put some of your pet’s favorite treats inside and fold the cardboard to the other side. Give the prepared puzzle to your dog.

The perfect toy for a dog
The perfect toy for a dog

How to diversify games with your dog?

The instructional video shows how Draco reacts to the budget sniff toy. The charming boxer loves this type of surprise, as confirmed by the description of the video published on social networks:

Draco loves paper rolls and always steals them from the toilet, so we combined business with pleasure!

Many netizens admitted that they were happy to use this idea for a handmade dog toy:

  • “It’s definitely worth a try”;
  • “How elegantly you presented it to him!” I crease it, when it creases it’s like that :P”;
  • “My dog loves these rolls of paper!” »;
@draco_boxerdog Draco uwielbia rolki po papierze i zawsze je kranie z toalety 😝, tak więc połączyliśmy przyjemne z pożytecznym 🙈 #piesek #piesekDraco #funnydog #boxer #doglover #boxerpuppy #fun #toy #play #dogsoftiktok #dogtoy #zabawkadlapsa #zabawkadlapsadiy #diy ♬ Bongo Cha Cha Cha – Goodboys

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