The shelter finds a home for each animal for adoption and we couldn’t be happier


Wisconsin Animal Shelter asked local people for help finding a home for all of the animals available for adoption.

shelter find home animals

Despite the chaos and uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), residents of Wisconsin in the United States have teamed up to help the local animal shelter. The Wisconsin Humane Society has reached out to the general public to seek help for their animals.

Residents responded quickly and within a few days, the shelter announced that the results were positive.

Shelter staff posted the good news on Facebook, saying that all of the animals had been adopted or taken to a foster home.

shelter find home animals
Wisconsin Humane Society

The Humane Society of Wisconsin posted on Facebook:

Absolutely incredible. We will cry. On March 15, we let our supporters know that we needed help. Remove as many animals as possible from our shelters so that we can be prepared for any challenge that tomorrow presents.

shelter find home animals
Wisconsin Humane Society

“Despite the chaos of a global pandemic, they adopted 159 animals and brought 160 animals to foster families, all in just 5 days.”

They reported that thanks to the help, 319 animals could rest in comfortable places, instead of kennels and they thanked everyone.

The shelter staff are happy to see that no animals were available, which they called the best show at a time like this.

Although the refuge was left with no pets to adopt, the following days, other animals continued to arrive.

shelter find home animals
Wisconsin Humane Society

The Wisconsin Humane Society wrote:

“There will be more animals needing our help in the coming days, so you will see more announcements when they arrive.” But for now, we are celebrating this tremendous achievement in an extremely difficult time. “

The shelter also reached out to the whole community, thanking them for the collaboration and sending a virtual fraternal hug. Most likely, in these difficult times due to the coronavirus pandemic, many animal shelters need help.

We have learned that some shelters have expressed concern that they cannot take care of the animals in their care.

shelter find home animals
Wisconsin Humane Society

Well, because of the measures taken against the coronavirus, the trafficking in human beings has decreased and therefore the donations and the volunteers too.

Julie Castle, director of the Best Friends Animal Society, told PEOPLE:

“Animal shelters across the country are facing an increase in the number of cats and dogs needing housing because fewer people are visiting shelters at the moment, and in some cases, shelters are temporarily close to the public.

Julie also said that with fewer adoptions and fewer foster homes, shelters are concerned about the lack of space. She also encouraged everyone to help the local shelters by adopting an animal, thus alleviating the crisis.

shelter find home animals
Wisconsin Humane Society

Shelters really need a helping hand, so if you’re thinking about adopting, now is the time.

For additional information, the WHO has stated that pets do not spread COVID-19, and have been shown to help people feel happy.

Adopting and giving a foster home is a good option to bring our grain of sand in times of crisis.

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