Therapy Dog Helps Comfort Doctors Fighting COVID-19

Wynn Therapy Dog Comfort Doctors COVID-19

The medical staff at a Denver hospital, tired and stressed, receives emotional treatment from a therapy dog.

Around the world, staff working in medical centers are undoubtedly the front line in the fight against the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). But because of the crisis caused by this pandemic, doctors and nurses are forced to work long, exhausting and stressful days.

Because of this situation, many people wanted to help hospital medical staff in different ways and bring their grain of sand.

Wynn Therapy Dog Comfort Doctors COVID-19

For example, there are hotels that offer free accommodation services for medical staff and also for people who give details. Also, some people, who have houses or apartments near hospitals, have offered their own homes to house medical staff.

In the United States, a better way has been found to give mental rest and facilitate the work of exhausted medical personnel, by bringing therapy dogs to hospitals, so that professionals can clear their mind for a few minutes and don’t think about their surroundings.

This initiative was launched by Rose Medical Center of the city of Denver and is yielding positive results.

Wynn Therapy Dog Comfort Doctors COVID-19

Wynn, a one-year-old Labrador Retriever, is a one-year-old service dog, who was the key to starting this initiative, now it is responsible for circulating the happiness of medical personnel. Her main job is to give hugs and a mental break to emergency medical personnel.

Wynn Therapy Dog Comfort Doctors COVID-19

It’s not strange that Wynn is there, as she is trained by Susan Ryan, an emergency room doctor at the hospital.

Wynn Therapy Dog Comfort Doctors COVID-19

It all started one day while Susan went out to rest, after finishing with a patient, she saw Wynn and decided to rest next to her.

Susan told CNN:

Wynn Therapy Dog Comfort Doctors COVID-19

“I saw Wynn come back after being taken to the street. I just collapsed on the floor and said I could spend a minute with her”

After this simple therapy, Susan felt energized, which encouraged her to offer and promote this therapy in her daily routine.

Susan said:

“Seeing things and hearing things that you cannot see has an impact on you. This is where the dogs come in. When you are in the presence of the dog and you pet it, you take a moment to come down to the ground and refocus yourself. “

Wynn Therapy Dog Comfort Doctors COVID-19

Susan trained Wynn as a puppy, now she frequently takes him to the hospital to do his good work. For the hospital medical staff and of course for Susan, spending time with Wynn is the most emotional time of the day.

For the moment Wynn is based in the office of social workers, where she is ready to give love to staff who need to relieve stress. In the room, in addition to having Wynn, the light is dimmed and a relaxing music is played, so that the staff take the necessary rest before returning to work.

Anyone who comes into contact with Wynn will wash their hands well before touching her.

Wynn Therapy Dog Comfort Doctors COVID-19

Susan suggests that to help emergency physicians, people should be sure to practice social distancing, wash their hands, and take care of themselves.

Wynn is becoming a service dog for Canine Companions for Independence, she is surely achieving her goal.

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