These 11 dogs Will Teach You How To Do Yoga

dog yoga funny

Meditation yoga works remarkably to achieve harmony and helps the mind to synchronize with the body. How often do we find that we are unable to perform our activities properly and satisfactorily because of the confusions and conflicts in our minds that weigh heavily on us?

Yoga has been proven to relieve stress by using exercises that unify the mind, body and spirit. If you are new to yoga, these dogs can be good coaches to get you started on the path to a more focused life.

dog yoga funny
dog yoga funny

How to do yoga (“doga”) at home with your dog

So that you and your pets better cope with being at home, we teach you how to do yoga with your dog and its benefits.

Your pet loves walk, walks to the park, and trips to the beach. However, given the situation we are experiencing with COVID19, it is essential for your health and that of others that you stay home.

It is for that reason that we teach you how to practice yoga with your dog and the benefits that it entails.

Yoga and your best friend

Yoga is an ancient art. In recent years, an exercise called “doga” has become fashionable, which combines yoga with spending quality time with your dog (dog + yoga).

The doga maintains many poses of the traditional hatha yoga but others are modified to be able to introduce and make your pet participate in the practice. This type of yoga is in gentle stretching, meditation and massage for dogs.

There are two main ways to doga with your dog depending on his personality and the physical condition of both:

  1. Humans help dogs practice positions and dogs make practice more challenging. The positions are adapted to the capacity, weight and size of your pet. This type of yoga strengthens the human-animal bond and exercises the body of both.
  2. The humans practice the positions while the dogs are around exploring. This is recommended for dogs that may have a condition that prevents them from performing the positions and it is not recommended to do them. Similarly, this is a great socialization experience for dogs.


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